Handiest - PLAY'A VR theHandy mod


For my own personal curiosity i decided to check if i could mod the PLAY’A VR video player to load funscripts and how difficult it would be.
It was very easy.

Download at: Releases · NodudeWasTaken/Handiest (github.com)

Its been tested on the Oculus Store version of PLAY’A VR for PC.
I intended to mod the Quest version, but MelonLoader for Quest is experimental, so it might not happen.

It works by you installing MelonLoader via the installer, install the mod dll, booting the app once, stopping the app, editing handiest.json with your handy key, and playing videos.

There are currently 3 ways to load funscripts:

  1. Place them with the same name as the video (local script, local video) (tested).
  2. If you’re using a website, it will print the “website name-video id” in the console, you can then put the funscript in your scripts folder (set in the config) with the name “website name-video id.funscript”, and it should load (local script, remote video) (untested).
  3. Set serverUrl in the config to something like “” for XBVR usage (tested).

There might be bugs and oddities, as its not thoroughly tested yet, but seeing as the video quality on PLAY’A VR is amazing, i thought some people might want to use it.

I appreciate people still visiting this, but the reality is that i haven’t updated it for half a year now and better alternatives like HereSphere exists.
This is effectively dead, although it may continue to function until some update breaks it.

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Thanks, is there really a noticeable difference between DeoVR? I know Skybox is a lot smoother.

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