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Handsfree ideas

Hey peeps,

Happy 2022!

What’s the most easy and convenient way of making The Handy handsfree?

I have looked at diy garage tools etc that others have recommended, but it’s to inconvenient for me in terms of the time it takes to setup every time. Size also plays a role.

gooseneck tablet holder and 2 zipties, bam.


i think handy team mentioned they are working on a hands free mount.
best to check out reddit for crazy ideas on r/thehandy

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On their discord there is a lot of ideas.
The best place to check for it

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Ayo, i’m definently gonna roll with that. Thanks!

I use this setup:

I put one strip of the fabric tape on the top of the handy and that makes it fit tightly in the tripod mount. Its easy to adjust everything and you can mod it with other tripod stuff

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Where do you place the zipties? since the handy moves up and down won’t they be interrupted when it’s stroking

There is enough room at the bottom and top, go check reddit r/thehandy for pictures of similar setups.

Heres a video of the handsfree setup I recommend (same thing @pallokala2 recommended) - key is simplicity and flexibility with this setup


Dont mind any ‘looseness’ the the mount, a little bit of flex is good, but you can angle the neck to any stiffness you like and it will hold any speed of movement

I use a computer monitor stand with a few zip ties

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