Handy api locally

Hey everyone, ive been playing around with the handy api today, sending a few rest commands to make the device move.
I noticed in the documentation there was an option to switch to a local version of the device almost as if it were saved on the Handy itself.
However when ever i try to connect via the port they show in the docs it just doesnt work.
Scan on the port 3035 shows its closed also.

Am i missing something here or is the documentation misleading me?

AFAIK there is no local API option. I remember asking the developers a while back and they said that they wouldn’t ever make one. That was some years ago though :stuck_out_tongue:

Great, thanks for confirming. It could be the docs online are used internally by the devs hence the reference to local connections.
At least i can stop trying to figure out what i may have been doing wrong.,
Thanks again

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