Handy broken?

Welp, it looks like my Handy broke down yesterday (rip).
It does what it’s supposed to do until it hits the lowermost part with an unnatural loud clonk and then remains stuck in a 0-10/20-ish range.
So now my question is whether anybody knows what might be responsible for this issue. Is it a known defect/problem, that’s easily solvable or should I just bite the bullet and get a new one asap?

Thanks in advance.

No idea whats the cause of this it happend to me too. Write the Handy Support an Email. Send them your Handy and they might repair it if possible.

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thanks for the quick reply!
I’m way past warranty. Bought it in like, late 2019 I think?
It definitely struggles moving upwards when I’m just letting it run at full range lowest speed. Kinda like something is blocking/hindering it to a certain degree. The thing is clean and lubricated so…yeah, Idk.
Opted for a new one. Have been thinking of buying one as a failsafe for a while now anyways. It’s money spent but three years of reliable, nearly daily usage is absolutely worth it in my book. Not to mention I dropped the thing a couple times and it was clamped in a vice lol

Will keep this one and see if I can fix it though.

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i also had some strange behaviour that it wasnt moiving all the way because some software (maybe scriptplayer) changed the movement range. on handyfeeling i was able to change the range to full the extend again. Maybe this helps tho i never had a “clonk” sound.

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You can try fixing the range between 5-100 with Scriptplayer/HandyControl so it won’t hit the bottom anymore. Maybe it will help.

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Sadly limiting the range doesn’t fix the issue. It just takes a fast downward stroke and it “overshoots”, hits the bottom and remains stuck at that point.
Thanks for the input though. I’ll keep this thread updated in case I find a solution.

If you limit it to 50-100 it still does that? You might also try downgrading the firmware to the older version and update it again, I’m pretty sure there was a guide on Handy page for it.

Yep, just gave it a try and it overshoots to 0 even with 50-100. Downgrading the firmware is a good call but I suspect it’s most likely a hardware problem.

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