Handy compatible games?

Anyone heard of any handy compatible VR games or some promising upcoming ones?

I’m not talking about games where you’re stuck basically in a static scene. Something where handy reacts to movement inside a hole would be preferable.

I’d prefer something with realistic graphics without anime or cartoony vibes. Sounds are a must (moaning for example).

I know about VaM with VamX. That’s a pretty good one but while I’d say the great thing about it is the amount of customization but at the same time its biggest downside probably is that every time I launch it, it’s more about configuring than enjoying the ride.


There are some games listed here that might work

Ah damn. Doesn’t seem like there’s really what I’m looking for behind that link. I forgot to mention that I’m looking for VR games in particular too.

Thanks for the link nevertheless!

There are a few there that support VR

oh wow there is a ton of stuff I didn’t realize that can work with the Handy, thanks for the link!

theres mods that allow youi to sync with like skyrim and lovers lab as well as koikatsu

That sounds fantastic! Handy with skyrim :open_mouth:
As for Koikatsu, I’m not really interested in anime content.

I tried googling around some mods for skyrim but couldn’t find any. Could you point me to those mods??


There is definitely stuff with some potential. Would love to see the interactvie VR Porn stories (ok, story, the other ones are on “coming soon” since over half a year now…) from dezyred.com scripted…

I’m VERY interested in this Mods that make Handy compatible with Skyrim too!!!
As I’m a big skyrim player.

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No one will mention honey select and vam


great games :fire: :ok_hand:

there is also Ikunogaman

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Also looking for the mod that allows the handy to go with skyrim.

I hope that someday I will be able to play House Party with the oculus quest 2 and connected to the Handy haha Im not into CGI, but it is such a good game

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Are the plugins still working? At least not for me