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Handy directly connected to ScriptPlayer

This has probably been covered somewhere, but for the life of me I cannot seem to find it despite a lot of searching.

I’m seeking a way to run my handy directly from my local script player (Fred Tungsten version 1.1.0 I believe), without going via any external server at all. In short, completely offline and without the latency issues a web connection typically introduces.

Any thoughts on how this can be achieved, or where I might find existing info? (as far as I can tell, the how to connect your 147 toys etc thread does NOT cover what I seek)


All the latency issues will be automatically fixed by script player with offsets.

If you open script player, under the help tab, you can check for update which updates to the 1.1.1 version. It has the option to connect to the handy directly via bluetooth using intiface desktop, or directly through your LAN. Both for me have close to 0 latency.

Edit: Here is the direct link to his latest build to make it easier. It has the plugin features you are looking for.

Unfortunately, that is not my experience. Apparently, the latency is not constant, so any offset you choose to apply might get it in synch right there and then, but give it a minute or two, and it is no longer synched well. (Tested thoroughly, not a problem with a particular script or anything like that)


I do have the latest version, and I do see the option for connecting to Handy directly, but still need some guidance on how I’m afraid.

I see script host can be set to local, with a specified IP I assume can be set to localhost. But for that to make sense, there obviously need to be some sort of service running on my computer, which the script player wants to interface with, no?

Anything special I need to do on the handy itself to enable BT?

Check if this and the following posts helps.

This is for ScriptPlayer 1.1.0, but the issue here was that Windows Defender somehow blocked the connection:

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Thanks, will test :smiley:

That’s it, thanks! :smiley:

Need to figure out how to whitelist whatever needs to be white listed though, completely disabling the firewall kinda sucks, but at least works

You really shouldn’t disable the firewall, not even temporary. The only exception is if you are completely sure that you use a router with an active firewall that blocks all incoming traffic.

Whitelisting traffic to and from specific programs/executable is probably the easiest way of doing it. Don’t know if this article is up-to-date since I don’t use Defender myself but hopefully it’s near enough.

Already did exactly that - no worries

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