Handy Disassembly For Cleaning and Lubricatuon

Just curious if anyone has any experience in taking apart the Handy for a proper cleaning and republication? I tried adding some food grade antiseize but it’s still quite noisy. The noise and clunky sounds have grown over the past few weeks. I was hoping someone had some experience with getting to the guts to clean and lube without breaking the case.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by a Handy employee:

How to open:

  1. Remove the bottom rubber cover (the one with text). It’s glued pretty hard on.
  2. Unscrew the 3 screws that are revealed
  3. Remove the bottom part
  4. Slide the slider all the way to the top to remove the top part
    How to assemble:
  5. Set the front and back parts together. Be very careful that no wires are stuck between the parts.
  6. Put the slider on the lead screw.
  7. Put on the top part
  8. Put on the bottom part. Be very careful not to damage the motor wires.
  9. Screw in all the screws.
  10. OPTIONAL: Glue the bottom cover back on.

If you follow that guide and do that can you come back and post a progress report ? Mine is also getting clunky but ive been scared to do this for fear of screwing it up

Remember that disassembly voids the warranty (if there was any?) since it’s strongly discouraged by the company.
Here’s the official lubing instructions.


Thanks for this video. I just ordered some grease and will try this method once it arrives. Don’t want the handy to sound like ive attached a blender making a smoothie to my cock haha

My issue was a scratching/screwing/scrapping like sound at higher speeds so I figured the bearing at the top was the issue. Turns out the bearing was fine but the lead screw was slightly thinner at the top (was more noticeable when spinning). Don’t know if it is meant to be like that or shaved down over time… Either way because it was slightly smaller, it wouldn’t catch the bearing at higher speeds and would just rub against it. I put some PTFE/Teflon tape on the end which fixed the noise issue.

Disassembly and Reassembly was easy; but I do like taking things apart to see how they work and putting things back together.

Interesting. You might want to notify Handy of that problem, even if they don’t approve of such handyman behavior, pun intended.

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So I finally had the opportunity to take the handy apart over the weekend. Cleaned thoroughly and lubricated. I used a product called Lucas Red n Tacky. It is a spray grease that when the solvent evaporates it leaves a grease that is well…… tacky. I’m hoping that it quiets down the handy a bit and the grease will adhere to the parts longer. At this point I’m not sure if this is the hot setup or a mistake. I will report back tomorrow


Early results are in…. Handy is much quieter with using the above mentioned grease. The handy did
get a little warmer than normal, guessing because of the stickiness of the grease causing a little more drag. I have not noticed a speed reduction but I’m sure
It exists. But if quiet is your goal, this did wonders for mind. Your results may vary.


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