Handy do MultiAxis?

Have been trying to find out if the Handy does multiaxis. Nothing I have read tells you it does or doesnt. I have seen SLR start selling scripts for multi but I dont want to buy one if the Handy doesnt support it.


For multi-axis you need something else, like OSR2/SR6.

thanks for saving me the money

It is a great toy though. The only thing that would make my happier would be if it were in a kind of Launch chassis with modern remote controls. (I had multiple Lanches and the bluetooth on those things all died within a week. Quite perplexing that it seems to work fine for others, but hey, bully for them.) The problem with the OSR devices IMO, is they seem to be permanently mounted to your bedframe or a desk, and I’m not sure how that one gets explained to company lmao. That’s the single reason I haven’t gotten down that rabbithole.

I use a detachable monitor arm on the side of my desk, that makes it easy to quickly pack away when you have guests, it takes up some space but it’s not bad.

How do you attach that to the SR6/OSR2?

And what monitor arm are you using (as the SR6 is pretty heavy especially with a sleeve).

hope this helps New to haptics: Multi-axis scripts

Monitor arms are typically VESA mounts and the SR6/OSRs have VESA mount holes.

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