Handy handsfree adaptors

Hello if someone wants a handsfree adaptor for handy , my buddy can 3D print some and ship it to your location .
Price should be around 15€ / 15,84USD EXCL. SHIPPING
Shipping cost is calculated from where you are at .

message me if you want any .
P.S. 3D Print is possible in any colour .
Grtz Jess


Gotta love the 3d printing age :blush:

Hi Jess. Please credit this as being a handy community driven design - also, this version was superceeded for better fitment and less potential of cracking…see the official handy discord for more. :slight_smile: Thanks for offering peeps this at a reasonable than extortionate price however, it could be even cheaper for them to order locally from 3d printing companies to save on shipping costs… pla abs+ scale at 101% etc. Use a 2" tactical belt, plush car seatbelt padding to wrap over belt, 2 benri-straps for angle adjustment or simply use the disc wedge clip on, maybe get the power pack too for that totally untethered to the wall feel, especialy with vr like with a quest 2 etc.

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Did anyone buy any “buy the way” :smile: as this is quite niche and was really for personal use than to be “commercially” sold but i understand times are what they are etc. Probably like a $10 mark up right? But sort of justified as going through the trouble to make it for someone else.