(HANDY) How to watch your own local videos on IOS through a NAS?

I have my funscript and videos on my NAS and I dont want to download them to my phone if not needed to. Is it possible to somehow load the FS and videos from my NAS or what can I do to watch on my iPhone + work with Handy?

Check out Stash. Runs on your NAS, has funscript support, runs in the browser

Can second this. I do this most of the time.

Can you provide a guide on how you have it setup? Iā€™m not to tech-savvy but would like to have a NAS setup for my handy, and this sounds really practical.

Assuming your nas has docker:

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Got it took a bit of reading but was able to understand it TY.

Late reply but do I still need to use Handyverse app? I basically found a way to load videos from my NAS but for some reason files over 1gb take forever to load

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