[Handy] It it wise already to update to Firmware 3.0?

Or is it better to stay on firmware 2.

If you have the tools to downgrade, then might as well give it a go. V 3.0 was giving me an issue where it would redownload a script multiple times during a video.

I’ve had no major issues with the current FW 3 release and the improvements are totally worth the upgrade imho

What Liquid said

I had an issue where it seemed like it was only doing halfstrokes. Then I downgraded and it shorted my fw2 handy and I had to get a replacement shipped out lol. What improvements does fw3 have iyo?

Biggest thing is definitely the ability to instantly skip around in the video and not having to wait several seconds for the Handy to catch up.

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When I updated the handy became useless, at best strokes were about half and never towards the base. But it rarely stayed connected for more than 15 seconds before it would disconnect and I would have to unplug and plug it back in.

Customer support wasn’t much help and the only supposed way to downgrade back is with a mobile hotspot, so I had to upgrade my phone plan for this month so I could have a functioning handy. Maybe a future firmware update will fix the problems that some users are experiencing

I updated to FW 3.0.4 and it appears to be working well. Had issues with all the previous versions (3.0.0, 3.0.1. 3.0.3) from minor to inoperable. However, I would say v3.0.4 is better than FW2.13.

Interesting. What software do you use for playback? Thinking of making the jump myself.

I updated to FW3 about 2 nights ago guys - everything updated smoothly - good welcome improvements - no issues at all so far (I use SLR app)

SLR is my main Handy player too - any remarkable features that FW3 provides? Speed, edging button, boot speed, server connection speed/reliability, etc.

My main gripe is the slowness and unreliability of loading scripts initially - is that helped at all with FW3? (I’ve asked on the Handy Discord, but hasn’t been addressed directly).

Seemed a bit quicker loading/skipping around, and turns seemed a lot smoother - I would say its worthwhile to upgrade to try for yourself as its pretty easy to do so

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I use Handy Control 1.2.0 on desktop and DeoVR on Quest.

It takes about 3 seconds now on the latest V3.

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nice. now if i could only get the damn thing to upgrade. Flashing red/blue light everytime I try.

Are you starting the manual upgrade when connected to wifi? If so, try to not connect before starting. Mine had failed a dozen or so times before I tried without first connecting.

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Okey i try it someday.

Has anyone had their Handy updated automatically yet? They said they would begin rolling out an automatic update back in May. I don’t have the tools to downgrade if necessary so I’m waiting until then.

I’ve had some strange issues after upgrading. Now SLR player scripts seem a lot more stable - they used to frequently drop out and have to reload multiple times when watching a clips. However, I noticed that a few scripts (2D) that I was playing on ScriptPlayer and SLR player were no longer working. It seems that whereas in the past The Handy could deal with ‘too fast’ strokes by limiting the stroke length, now it judders or just refuses to play scripts with 500m/s+ strokes. I know the Handy couldn’t actually go that fast, but it didn’t just stop working like it seems to now. It used to be quite a nice feature you could exploit in such as Cock Hero scripts by having full strokes at over the top speed and The Handy would shorten the strokes while randomly floating up and down gradually on longer section so sometimes it would be more at the top and others more at the bottom (if that makes sense). I’m now having to limit all my fast scripts to account for this ‘Launch-esque’ performance limitation.

I cant update mine, it is still on 2.13.0. The update button doesnt show up.

Edit; just when i write this, i saw that you can update manually… So it says 3.0.4+f02df024 now.

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