Handy Measurements Needed to Create a 3D Printed Adapter

We need a measurement of the distance from the bottom edge of the strap to the bottom of the sleeve.

Also a measurement of how far the sleeve extends past the lowest part of the bracket it moves with.

The adapter is meant to enable the use of handy sleeves by the OSR or Launch etc.

We need these measurements to prevent the holder from being the first part your uh…package…rubs on as it approaches from below.

In addition, nice profile picture would be helpful with a ruler showing the location we are asking about.

@hosenguy intends to post the download on the Tempest Discord for all to do as they wish.

Thank in advance.

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I know it’s not what you asked for, but this might be of interest:

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I can take these measurements. Will get back to this thread with measurements.

In the default sleeve position, it is less than 1cm from the strap to the bottom of the sleeve. Approximately 7mm.

In the default sleeve position, it is approximately 3mm from the bottom of the sled to the bottom of the sleeve

I do want to call out that the Handy’s design allows the sleeve to be moved up and down quite a bit in the strap. I personally have the strap secure a bit higher on the sleeve, as seen here, which allows a bit more of the sleeve to “squish” into the base of my penis which gives a better sensation overall IMHO.

The sleeve IS designed to be secured between the 2 ribs, as seen here, but does still secure fairly well even outside of the ribs.

Let me know if you need any more measurements. Happy to help (as I’m one of the people looking for a Handy adapter for the OSR2+/SR6).

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dare to elaborate the black magic sorcery being attempted here? I am all ears…

Edit: found the answer on the first post! For some reason I thought someone is trying to adapt the Handy to have more than one axis using some external attachment, or something.

The response with details above is perfect. Thanks for the reply.

I have been impressed with the inexpensive sleeves the Handy has and they seem to make their users happy. I have the open ended sleeves but they have a different shape than the original which I don’t have.

The issue is that there is an area on the OSR where the sleeve is inside the receiver attachment area so the strap becomes inaccessible and is hard to adjust without removing the adapter from the OSR. So these measurements become critical.

I will continue with tuning my design and will post it when it is workable. Or less fiddley at least!


Great to hear the measurements are helpful.

My 2 cents re: the Handy sleeve is the shorter length, I’m fairly small/medium, so I don’t need a super long canal and the ULTRA ease of cleaning. It flips inside out super easily and can be scrubbed in every nook and cranny.

If the proposed design makes it difficult to access the sleeve, it may be not ultra beneficial since it would negate some of the ease of cleaning/use. I’m wondering if copying the "sled’ design of the Handy along with the strap, and suspending it in an skeltonized adapter ring would be more effective than trying to make a Fleshlight style cylinder housing. Just a thought, be happy to provide more input or measurements if needed.


My current prototype uses a ring, and as you call it, a skelitonized approach!
Clearances on my first prototype is 3 cm up from the bottom to the strap allowing clearance to adjust and remove. I messed with my drawing and can get it to just under 2 cm but not much more. I will model it and print one soon to try.

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The next sleeve we make should be a longer version of the current sleeve. I want it 20mm longer in the bottom (to have a deeper reach) and about 10mm longer at the top.

BTW: The stock Handy sleeve is 100x50mm (LxD), the area for the band is 50mm long and is offset 5mm from the bottom of the sleeve.