Handy not working on Dezyred

Thehandy used to work maybe not perfect but good enough on dezyred games/scenes but a few months ago atleast thats when I noticed it just doesnt work and even being connected causes the games to not function correctly. Is it something wrong on my end or is it with dezyred because I havent seen a lot of people talking about it so I dont know if its me or the site.

No idea where the problem is as I haven’t hooked my Handy up to Dezyred. I can say that changing the Handy’s key often solves strange issues like this in my experience.

The handy doesnt have a battery its a plug and play

I’m aware of how the Handy works. I am suggesting you go into the Handy Connect app and go through the setup again. There you can change the Handy key that identifies your specific Handy to the Handy servers. By default it is 8 random letters and numbers. For some reason this solves strange connectivity issues in many cases.

so do I make it longer or shorter?

8 characters is the default and the minimum. You don’t need to change the length, but you do want to generate a new key.

that seems to have done nothing it started to work somewhat when I did that but now is back to the same old thing

i can’t get handy to work with the playa app and dezyred either. it says it’s connected but doesn’t work. It works perfectly fine in DeoVR and Heresphere.