Handy out of Sync

After 3 years and 1000+ uses, my Handy died so I bought a new one. I never had a sync problem with the old one, but I cannot get the new one to align with the videos. Even when it is delayed as much as possible, it is still running ahead of the video by about 0.5 seconds (or more).

Is there anyway to significantly/permanently adjust the sync setting so that the strokes line up with the video?

Note - I’ve tried this on handyfeeling, faptap, and funscript.io, all with the same issue.

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Have you considered that it may be a mechanical problem? Given that the only thing that changed was The Handy unit, it seems likely.

I assume you went from a v1.0 to a v1.1–that may be related.
Did you keep your firmware up to date on both versions? If you were operating on an older version of firmware previously, the new Handy may have come with an updated firmware that introduced issues with your environment. Or maybe your new Handy is missing the latest firmware.

Thanks for the response. I don’t believe it’s a mechanical problem. It runs smoothly and up to speed, just out of sync. They firmware is up-to-date. I use the online players (mostly funscript.io), so doubt it’s a change in my environment.


Quick silly question, can you use the sync test video and try adjusting the delay on the control panel? Considering it’s an estimate of .5 I’m wondering if it’s just simply lag and nothing too big.

If it’s not fixed working, you can try emailing contact@thehandy.com and we take a further look there as well.