Handy PIN available now in your SLR profile

It’s right in your user profile User - Login | SexLikeReal now. Previously it was only in the app.

Does this mean we can pair our Handy on the SLR page and have it sync to videos without having to use an app?

That would be the next step.
Right now you pair it on the web to use in the app

That would be great. I might be the only weirdo who prefers to just watch VR videos from a browser instead of donning a clunky headset so this functionality would be amazing.

It’s actually why I canceled my subscription to SLR, it 100% requires VR to be used with toys.

We get it requested once in a while.

I wouldn’t say 100%, but it’s definitely not worth purchasing a subscription. I still do single purchases of videos/scripts I am interested in.