Handy Remote + Beta [BETA CLOSED]



The app is live! Check this topic for more info!


Thank you everyone who participated in the beta! I’ll be releasing the app soon under a new name, with some more exciting features like script importing and exporting! Keep an eye out for the post about the release very soon.

here’s a sneak peak of the new banner.


Hello! I’m finally ready to release the beta version of an app I’ve been working on for a couple months.

This beta is released exclusively to the Eroscript community.

After being unsatisfied with the basic controls provided by the official Handy app, I’ve decided to make my own that would let anyone create patterns using their phones or tablet touchscreen.

Simply drag your finger and see in real time the pattern that will be sent to your Handy device. This means that you’re no longer confined to the simple strokes the official app provides. You can now create patterns as finely tuned as the ones you find inside funscripts at the tip of your fingers!

Download link at the bottom of this post.

How to use

  • Download the app on the google play store
  • Once inside the app, enter your handy connection key on the welcome screen.
    (if you skip this step, you can always add your connection key again in the options menu)
  • Touch your screen and start dragging your fingers up and down,you will see the pattern being drawn.
  • If you create a pattern you enjoy, you can save it using the “Save” button at the bottom.
  • If you want to delete a saved pattern, double click the “delete” button in the pattern directory.


  • Live pattern drawing that are sent directly to your device
  • Press the 2x button to double your scripts speed
  • Save scripts for easy access
  • Pause and resume script playback
  • hidden connection key for security


2022-06-21-160123_703x1079_scrot 2022-06-21-160107_856x1079_scrot

Discord Server

To keep in touch with updates and provide feedback


Before downloading, please consider joining the discord server so you can give feedback and help me improve the app before the official release.


If you like my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon!


Amazing stuff! Thanks for the share, I know a lot of folks been wanting something like this for awhile


Thank you! I hope everyone likes it as much I had fun making it!

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great THANK YOU!

Any chance you would make an App for Android where u can watch Videos with a Funscript that syncs with the Handy?


I’d like to make one eventually. Video players are actually pretty tricky because there’s so many codecs to support. some of which are proprietary. It’s kind of a nightmare. I actually looked into making one before starting this project.


This looks awesome. I may test this later.


Great too hear! When this is released I would pay for it! :+1:t2::ok_hand:t2:


Dude, wow! This is amazing! Seriously impressive!

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We need more people like you in this community!

Awesome work!


I just tried using it!
This app really is something that I can’t explain…

It’s a whole new world…OMG

The details that I can easily make on the app is just amazing. I wish there is a way that I can externally save the script files! This is just so great!

I am defiantly gonna support this!

BTW, I think you should change your Patron subscription method. Right now it charges me when this month ends. Not when the subscription starts.


Thank you for making this amazing application!

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Thank you! It’s a very good idea! I’ll definitely make a way to export them!

And Thanks everyone for the kind words!


Great work on the app! Although, is there any way to make the remote window smaller so you don’t have to drag the entire screen? I feel like there’s gonna be a lot of accidental opening of the Android menu or even hitting the exit app button when you have to hit the top and bottom of the screen to do a full stroke.

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I’m planning on adding a configurable deadzone in the options in the next release, this will fix the issue!

Thanks for your feedback, It’s really appreciated!

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Is there any way to run this on iPhone or Windows 10?

There’s no plan right now for this beta to be on Iphone or windows 10.
I’d like to make an iphone build eventually once I have the resources. (I don’t own a mac or an Iphone) The process of publishing on the app store is quite a bit more involved. But the answer is Yes, and hopefully sooner than later.

as for Windows, This app is developed for mobile first so it wouldn’t be as nice to use on a PC, but if I get a lot of demand for it, I might make it as a patreon exclusif reward.

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I installed Windows Subsystem for Android by Magisk on Github so that I could install Google Play Store. It works now on my Windows 11 PC but it’s not very user friendly. I’m excited to experiment with it and possibly use it to make scripts. Very cool app and thank you!

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Glad you figured something out! It’s true that it could be very useful for scripters if I add more features!


Nice job man. Do you mind if I ask what language you wrote this in? I am fairly new fullstack dev just always curious.

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I wrote this with the Godot engine, funny enough. the language is similar to python, but not quite python.

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