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Handy + Remote Lovense

I own a Handy and I’ve recently bought a Lovense Lush toy for a friend who is remote and I’m wondering if there is any software or script that we could play together, considering that she is remote.


I haven’t heard on any software that connects the two together so that they are synched.

Lovense has its own remote control software Live Control though, but I assume you already know that.

Lovense is also mentioned in the following thread, but I doubt it’s what you are looking for:

That thread is how to use one one toy, not two in sync, but it shows options on how to connect to Lovense without Lovense Live-Control.

Thanks for pointing that out.
Yes, I know about Live Control and yes, I tested the buttplug, but it seems that only works with Lovense if connected over Bluetooth, not remotely over their API.