Handy sleeve alternatives

I think the vantage is also the best of anything (I have tried riley reid and turbo and they are not as good)

True, without the case it does fit in the original strap. I prefer with the case.

In that case make sure you also use something like tape as the connection isnt leak proof. While it will reduce lube going out, it still will as the connection is relatively loose.

In my case if i want to use them with the handy it has to be without casing and directly strapped. And in that case using an oversized condom stretched over the sleeve does fine. It wont prevent leaking sadly, but i have some spare straps so i can clean them properly (including a good drying time).

Personaly i dont like the quickshots for most videos, i prefer closed end sleeves for most content (since closed end sleeves can generaly stimulate a larger area). But in things like CH where realism isnt needed, a quickshot does well. And to me the turbo does a fine enough job. Quickshot wise its not the best, but a higher intensity isnt needed in CH as duration will make it very intense regardless. For handjobs, an open end sleeve does fine, and in this case the turbo definitely isnt good enough. But even in that case i generaly still go for a closed end sleeve as most of the time those videos are still mixed in action and i dont want to change sleeve halfway.

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Mia on the way now. Which end do you prefer?

And what do you use to clean these? Must be cheaper/more accessible ways than FleshWash.

I prefer the Vag end, but both are good in there own ways.

Cleaning. I use hand sanitizer. Yes you read that right. I use about the size of a nickel, and rinse really good with luke warm to warm water. I also turn the sleeve inside out when washing it. After patting it dry I will return the sleeve to inside in with a paper towel stuffed inside the canal. The paper towel will catch any left over water left in the canal. I know this is not the recommend method for sleeve care, but I started using this method after getting an infection and the infection has not happened again. I do believe that using hand sanitizer will break down the sleeve over time, but you know what also breaks down a sleeve? Using it… So I say fuk it, keep it sanitized and keep it dry. And when it breaks down, time to go sleeve shopping. :+1:

And who doesn’t like sleeve shopping :thinking:


Thanks for the tip. Seems like a lot of people successfully use high grade isopropyl alcohol to clean these which I think is basically hand sanitizer (sometimes). Being used to the Handy sleeves, I used hand soap as usual but it made the surface turn a bit sticky.

Yeah I’ve found that they turn a bit sticky no matter what. I’m guessing you know that standard corn starch will fix that.

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I tried getting the Quickshot shower mount adapter to avoid the mess. Good solution (no mess so far) but I had to make a hole in the adapter to be able to re-lube. And I have to make sure to adjust the setup so I don’t hit the plastic. Will probably make the hole bigger for safety. This would probably not work for someone well above average size.

And the Mia Malkova sleeve is great. Smoother than the Vantage = longer sessions. Love it.

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Well, you can use the quickshot connector as subsection (instead of a screwing connection, you just use tape). If needed you can even saw that section to be shorter for real finetuning.

And if you realy want to take it further, you can drill some holes in it, and then also loop some estim straps through it. 2 monopolar ones work best as bipolar ones are less likely to properly connect each stroke, even if you want the 2nd pole at the base, the 2nd strap is there just to ensure a good connection so your cock doesnt get pushed away by the other strap.
It can take a bit more work to ensure the cables are properly put aside and wont collide with the handy (tiewraps can act as a nice spring for these).

When done succesfully it will be an even more extreme experience.

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How are the Mermaid sleeves compared Touch sleeve from the Dream series from Handy? I find the Touch sleeve too thick and tight at times

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Good morning,

If you go up this subject you will see my testimony above in which I compare them and note them, after that remains a personal feeling, maybe someone else will give you different opinions, it is very relative.

In any case at home little novelty: the last arrived (this weekend): the Quickshot Turbo.
Strangely I had never heard of it, I didn’t know it existed, and I had a lot of trouble finding one (in France).

My feelings are mixed, I had read a lot and was expecting…wow…eventually…

Its main problem is that inside, in the center, there is a small ring, very very good to stimulate, but a little too narrow.
It squeezes a lot, it’s very pleasant on the penis but for the Handy it complicates things. The fact that there is so much resistance at the level of this ring slows down the movements of the Handy, it slows it down, therefore loss of efficiency and loss of stroke length.
And this even when lubricating to the max.

Disappointed with this behavior, I removed it from the Handy to finish by hand, and there the Turbo is very good, it does a lot of good, the sensations are excellent, each pass through the central ring is great, and the rest of its structure stimulates very well.

So mixed result, in the Handy I stay on my good old Quickshot Vantage as the best, on the other hand the Turbo offers more sensations manually though.
But the goal here being to use the Handy, the Turbo will remain below the Vantage in my ranking.

As it has just arrived I haven’t had time to test the Turbo without the plastic shell, removing it will make it less tight and therefore perhaps it won’t slow down the Handy. I will test as soon as possible, and maybe it will change my vision and its ranking.

To be continued …

I use my caseless Turbo a couple of times a week. I have never had any performance with the Handy when using it. I hope you have the same results.

What clamp is that and is it stable? I purchased the hands free attachment from handy and for a few clamps from Amazon but everyone of them still.moves even at low speeds

It’s this one: Amazon.com

It is pretty stable when attached to the table. The arm can slip down a little bit sometimes when I haven’t tightened the screw enough

This one looks like it might work quite well, its got ribs on the outside to hold it in place


Fleshlight recently released a new quickshot: Maitland Ward Quickshot™ – Fleshlight EU

Thoughts on this texture? I think it looks interesting but it’s hard to tell from the cross section pic how it would compare to the Mia Malkove (my favourite). Anyone order it already?

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Today I got and tried out the Maitland Ward Fleshlight Quickshot sleeve. Before this, I had used the Quickshot Vantage and primarily the Mia Malkova Quickshot - my #1 sleeve since I got it. It’s the smoothest sleeve I’ve found so far - I’m uncut and pretty sensitive. Don’t care for the handy sleeves really, the Fleshlight material is so much softer, feels better and more like the real deal.

Compared to Mia Malkova, the Maitland Ward Quickshot has tighter orifices - both pussy and butt. But what makes it stand out the most is the texture inside. It is more subtle and gentle than Mia, which sometimes could make me feel a bit sore. And the texture feels better, the bumps are fewer but more noticable.

Needs more testing but I think this will be my #1 sleeve from now on.

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I agree, the Maitland Ward QS is pretty good. I don’t like it as much as Turbo and Vantage but it’s probably my favourite out of the ones modelled after pornstars, it can definitely compete with the Mia one for sure. As for the handy sleeves, I think the only one that can compete with the QS is the Coral. I actually really like that one.

For reference I own Turbo/Pulse/Vantage/STU, Mia/Riley/Autumn/Stoya/Maitland/Boomer/Diego/Joey and all the handy sleeves.

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I’m interested in the QS Autumn, do you think it’s worth it?


Really wish the sleeve companies would post pics of there products inside out. IMOP it’s the best way to get a clear view of what the inside may feel like. Thinking about ordering the Autumn and Maitland, and a QS connecter.

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