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Handy sleeve alternatives

Thinking of getting a new sleeve, this is my first toy and it’s great. What do you use? Onaholes? Recommendations?

What’s a good Handy sleeve I can get off of Amazon?

Bonus: I’m also in Canada and if there’s fellow maple syrup drinkers here who own an “Onahole” where and what’s to get?


I’ve use all sorts of sleeves for the Handy, I can tell you the larger onaholes will slow down the handy a little bit so the smaller form factor sleeves are the way to go.

-I recently picked up the new Tenga Crysta sleeves (I have the ball one) I can HIGHLY recommend that one. Its small like the stock sleeve but you get the fuller experience of a full insert instead of a hollowed one like the stock handy sleeve.

-The Puni Virgin series are pretty good due to their size and variety

-NPG’s Creampie Orgasm Honoka Mihara is pretty good but you have to make sure you strap it down. The stock one with the Handy doesn’t do well with the larger onaholes so replace it with stronger velcro.

This is just a few that I can highly recommend.


FL Quick Shot is what I use (it fits perfectly). Only issue is that because it’s open ended it can create a bit of a mess (I’ve seen posts where people have used the connect adapter to use 2 quickshots which would alleviate the mess unless you’re huge). I’ve also tried a Tenga Flip - I can get it strapped in but it’s just a bit too bulky.


I know nothing about the handy

Can you just strap an existing fleshlight to the handy? Is there any downside to doing so?

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Some people do strap their fleshlight to it. [Example 1] [Example 2] The strap that comes with the Handy won’t hold the fleshlight well because it’s not long/strong enough, but it’s easy to make a diy strap. According to Handy, the mechanics can handle the extra weight of the fleshlight, but it might not be able to perform the upstrokes at max speed.

I personally find that the sleeve that comes with the Handy feels way, way nicer than my fleshlight.


Hui Dunno if it fell down the cracks but i designed a 1 piece adaptor that takes fleshlight sleeves and can use the original handy strap.
Will post a mega link to it , it needs to be 3d printed and some guys said it came in ridiculously small on their printer software , if it does just scale up by 25.4 its a decimal/metric thingy.


Could you show us how it looks like printed?

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The size issue is that STL files are unitless, so if he’s using inches in a CAD program and exports to STL, those using mm (basically everyone else) will have to scale the item up to make it the intended size.

I haven’t tried the adapter myself, as it’s too small for me, but it looks like it would hold well enough using the Handy’s strap.

Since I don’t actually use Fleshlight sleeves much at all, I use the adapter that the Handy people provided a link to, which hard-clamps an existing Fleshlight holder to the Handy slide mechanism (see Example 2 in xrobin’s post). That lets me use just about any sleeve with my modified holder.


Trust me , it holds perfectly well !:joy::rofl::+1:

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Does any one test with this?


First time I’ve seen that offered from Fleshlight nice. Also saw them carry this
Only wished they added a “tongue” to this like other Onaholes


So I ended up picking up both the Lady and Mouth quickshots since I had a $10 off coupon saved up, will report back after they come in the mail.


We want your felling after using it :slight_smile:

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Just got that this past week and i’m telling you it’s awesome.


Will let you know, I have 2 of the Fleshlight Girls sleeves

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Any small, normal/hard density sleeve works great (ie: Quickshots, most Japanese sleeves under 500g (that don’t say soft. You could get away with 600g sleeves though)). Check your sleeve and hold it with one hand; if flops down a lot (at least a 60 degree angle), it’ll probably not work as it’s too soft

I think a wiki page that could be edited by everyone about which sleeves fit could work. A page split into 4 categories (“Fits As Is”, “Has Difficulties”, “Requires Modification”, and “Does Not Fit”) with sleeves sorted out into whether it fits or not. Makes it easier to find what works and what does not.


Hi all,

Just thought I’d weigh in with the results of an experiment I tried lately.

I bought a YouCups ‘THROUGH’ from aliexpress.

It’s a cheap version of the Fleshlight Quickshot. I bought the blue ‘soft’ version, which is not as soft as I would expect. It could be a whole lot softer and would still work, at least for me. Not sure I’d go for the hard or extra hard versions based on what I got for soft.

I’ve never seen a quickshot in real life, so I can’t compare, but size-wise I think the ‘through’ is more targeted towards an asian market. I would say I’m around average girth in the western world and it works just fine for me, but when I’m particularly engorged it is quite tight and starts to feel a little like a cock ring. Extra lube may help but people of larger girth might find it uncomfortable (and this is the ‘soft’ edition).

In terms of how it works as a sleeve for the handy… Mostly fine for me - I’m a bit too long for the standard handy sleeve, so something open-ended is more comfortable and doesn’t stretch out and pull on the head when at the base.

I think the outside of the quickshot is textured which might help with the strap. The outside of the ‘through’ is smooth, so it’s tricky to get the tightness of the strap so that it doesn’t slip off. The softer material of the quickshot sleeve might flare outwards slightly during use, which might also help it stay put but I’m not sure. I think some additions to the case of the ‘through’ would definitely help here.

Finally, because it’s open-ended, there’s the problem of mess. Not sure what to suggest there. Be careful about what position you’re in/angle you’re at when you start getting close.

I’m happy enough with it, and it didn’t break the bank. :slight_smile: :smiley:


Safe to report, both the STU Quickshot Mouth/Vagina sleeves will probably be my go-to over the sleeve the handy comes with for sure.

Its fairly light with a case so you can use high speed scripts with them no problem. Warming up the sleeve (used warm water in a tumbler) was a breeze and you can keep either end of the cap on during use so cleanup is super easy.

Can answer any questions about them.

Verdict: 10/10.


Hi Cloudfire,

How can you use a quickshot with a cap on? Surely there isn’t enough room to move?

I was just about to ask the same lol

I would imagine the cap would hit your tip too, unless we’re thinking of a different cap/sleeve?