Handy sleeve/toy recommendations

Just ordered one and looking at toys. I have a couple fleshlight but heard the straps don’t hold it well and I don’t have access to a 3d printer.

Best recommendations? Thanks!

Have a look here :slight_smile:

For any toy with plastic case like fleshlights I can recommend adhesive velcro tape. You glue it to the plastic case and the hooks on the other side make the connection with Handy strap really strong, you can easily swap toys with this method as well. You can also use zip ties, but the tape is better for reusability in my opinion.

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It is really up to the taste of the user. I experimented with some Tenga sleeves as well as a Fleslight flight. The stock Handy sleeve is still the best IMHO. Easiest to clean, leakes very little lube, and its thinness allows the user to adjust the tightness across a good range. I actually have found that the looser fit can often feel better, as the speed of the unit is really what is stimulating, not necessarily the “squeeze”. That’s just my experience though. Could have saved some money with experimenting.


Agree, the original is by far the best :+1: Maybe the fleshlights are nicer, but unfortunately they are a little too heavy for the Handy.

The only sleeve that I use sometimes is quickshot with shower adapter, mostly because I had it laying around. I hope they will release more close-ended sleeves variations at some point.

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Quickshot For The Win. I bought some straps that reverse and tighten easily.
Quickshot link
velcro straps link

12 inch straps are the length you need for a quickshot, and the cinch ring lets you tighten it enough to prevent slippage.

I think my Quickshot feels the best but it’s super messy… like lube and stuff everywhere >_>


The Flight/Go line of Fleshlights are light enough that the Handy doesn’t struggle. The Commander in particular works well with the Handy, as the floating ring keeps everything centered. Since many BJ scripts move all the way up when the penis leaves the mouth, you can adjust positioning/stroke length so you exit/enter the main sleeve with the action, but without the risk of jamming your member when the sleeve comes back down.

The stock strap, adhesive velcro squares and a roll of non-elastic velcro (hooks on one side, loops on the other) have been enough to attach almost everything: full sized Fleshlights, Quickshot with or without the Connect, various Tengas, etc.


Hi Contestitall,
i just got a fleshlight go thrust and it straps straight onto the handy with original strap, the go fleshlights are a bit less “bulky” than the originals but it felt ok for me !!! :slight_smile:

I tested two alternative sleeves with TheHandy. Here a little review:

Dorcel Deep Stroker


  • Sleeve is longer than the stroke length of the device
  • No bad smell
  • stable material, much better than the original sleeve, very good to attach
  • cheap


  • knobbed side feels super weird (not on a good way), grooved side without any intensive feeling
  • because of the stable material not usable for your not so little friend, much too tight

:-1: I didn’t like it all, straight into the trashcan.

Lumunu Deluxe Double-Masturbator


  • Sleeve is longer than the stroke length of the device
  • Two different holes
  • tightness flexible, I think enjoyable for up to little bit over normal sizes
  • easy to attach


  • A little bit smelly
  • The opening contracts closes on negative pressure, which results in an audible noise, not loud as hell but louder than the movement sounds of TheHandy

:+1: Good price, good quality, not to intensive.

But my all time favorites are still the quickshot sleeves.