Handy unresponsive with Scriptplayer even thoug it says it is connected

I have no problem with using my Handy on DeoVR but I wanted to try HereSphere and I used this guide: How to use scripts in VR - picture guide (Heresphere / Whirligig) - #5 by Husky to setup ScriptPlayer and HereSphere.

I changed the ips to match and set the videoplayer to HereSphere and it says they are connected.

The scripplayer says it is connected to the handy (when i press “connect directly to handy”.

But the handy is not doing anything (it is connected to wifi)

It is unresponsive when am using HereSphere and when I am using the scriptplayer alone.

(the scripts and video files have same names and are loaded into the scriptplayer when I play a file from there)

What should I check?

Did u enter in your connection key from the handyverse website, in the setting of scriptplayer?

Yes. I guess I did not write that explicitly. The scriptplayer says it is connected and that til loads .mp4 and .funscript file, but the handy does nothing when using the ScriptPlayer alone (I guess the error has nothing to do at all with HereSphere)

What script host setting do you use in the settings?

Is it set to handyfeeling.com or local?

For me local doesnt work (i guess because i dont have a script converter localy), so i have to use handyfeeling there.

I was on local host (I have no idea what the difference is). I changed it to handyfeeling.com, but nothing changed (it is still dead). Thanks for the answer though.

I found out that HereSphere can work just fine with the handy withour any auxiliary program. So the problem is solved even though I could not get ScriptPlayer to work

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