Handy VS OSR/SR6

Wondering if anyone has a direct compare between the two? I currently own a Handy and enjoy it, but also recently got back into Virt-a-mate which might be pretty fun with the OSR.
I like the Handy as it’s easy to use, the OSR looks a bit more complicated of course to get going.

I do have a 3d printer so building one shouldn’t be too bad.
So worth the upgrade?


YES. It’s really night and day. Even with single axis scripts - adding random motion on the other axes is a game changer. Cons are that its louder and a bit more complicated - but it seems like you’re aware of that, so I’d go ahead and pull the trigger for sure.

I flipped back and forth between my OSR2+ and my Handy for about a week until I got the hang of the OSR2+, and I haven’t used my handy since. This was like 8-9 months ago I think. There’s been a couple of times where my OSR2+ was out of commission for various reasons and I had no desire to get the handy back into action. In other words, I’d rather skip a session than go back to the handy now that I’m used to the OSR2+.


Do you have any experience with the twist module? Is that one worth? I’m considering picking up a 3d printer myself and put that one together.

I do! It was really loud and didn’t add much for me personally. Ended up removing it. Glad I tried it, but not a worthwhile upgrade for me personally. Some people swear by it though. we’re all different!

Lumifel has a fucking awesome one print twist model that prints the gear INSIDE the housing. So no extra screws or anything. Its pretty awesome piece of engineering.


gonna go against the grain here and recommend sticking with the handy. the ability to adjust the strap around the handy sleeve is what brought me back. Found that a lot of what the OSR2 has to offer is secondary to the quality of the sleeve, and I personally enjoyed the handy sleeve more than any of the various fleshlight sleeves i’ve used.

twist was nice tho.

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Good news on the loudness of the twist. I am working on the twist upgrade mod that enables us to use the quieter servos for the twist. I will pop back to update on that later.


oh hell yea. I may be your first customer for that one haha.

I’ll be interested in that too. Noise is the main reason that I don’t use the twist much.

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I hate noisy toys, it’s always such a big distraction and the noise constantly makes me aware that everything is fake. So it’s always hard for me to empathize…
The Handy is actually too loud for me so if I read it like that, no OSR+ for me for the time being… :confused:

You aren’t limited to Fleshlight sleeves with the OSR2. In principle, you can design and print a specific holder for just about anything, but I find it’s easier to just cut up a spare Fleshlight case to act as a shell into which you can put a wide variety of sleeves.

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The main advantage of the OSR2 versus the Handy is speed and response time, which are absurdly better with the OSR2. That’s ignoring additional things like more axes, twist adapters, lube pumps, etc. I don’t use any of those myself. It also has a larger maximum range of motion.

There are drawbacks, however. Chief among them, in my opinion, is the servo noise. I’d go so far as to consider the OSR2 barely usable without headphones that have high isolation (ear buds or closed cans), or active noise cancellation. The second most serious drawback is the lack of simple hands-on usage. You must mount the OSR2 to something, and that mount needs to be strong to hold up with fast scripts.

But it’s totally worth it in my estimation.

if noise is of highest concern id recommend the keon, read its the quietest toy and im never distracted by the noise it makes. Not sure if there are osr servos that get so quiet. keons response time isnt the very best tho…

another drawback of the osr imo is lack of bluetooth/wireless functionality. I love the freedom and ease of use of my keon to use anywear and wirelessly with quick setup. Ive read they don’t implement bluetooth because there is a small delay/latency. Just got an idea, Perhaps would be possible to make up for the delay if someone would program a software to compensate for the delay in bluetooth mode, like however many milliseconds delay there is, have the script play slightly ahead of the video to make it perfectly in sync. Im not a programmer/designer so not sure if that is possible and if would solve issue, but just an idea

It’s not a matter of the script OSR2 lagging behind the script. You can already adjust the script timing in existing software. The communication delays simply prevent sending commands beyond a certain rate. As it is, you can pretty much continuously update the position via the USB connection. If you were to communication over BLE, the packet turnaround time would make that impossible.

Another factor with wireless is power delivery. My OSR2 has just two servos, but they’re beefy ones. Going at a pretty fast clip with a normal sleeve, they draw in excess of 60W of power. Just supporting the weight of the sleeve costs 14W, and typical motion seems to be in the 30-40W range. To provide enough power and longevity, the required battery would probably be bigger than the OSR2 base unit itself. Think laptop-class battery.

While I understand the convenience of a wireless setup, you’d just have to sacrifice too many of the OSR2’s strengths to make it happen with that device.

thanks for clearing it up, seems my idea wouldnt solve the issue

Yeah the problem with Bluetooth is it’s unreliable and there’s not much bandwidth. There is 3rd party firmware for the SR6/OSR2 that works over wifi though. You can find the creator here.

Sooner or later I will add this feature to the official firmware.