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HandyControl 1.2.3 (28.11.2021) - Added Support for Pyro (Remote Control)

Only xbox controllers are supported for now.


I’m searching from one hour ago but i don’t find why i’m looking for.

Handy v3
Connection with Handy 1.1.2 OK (get statut, version, setting) apiV1
Local Host with manual setup command in administrator OK

But …

after “downloading script to handy… …”

script prepare error succes false

I tried to chek my firewall but all permission are enables

Have you an idea?

local hosting works with script player

I have seen this quite often in FW3 beta and its probably not yet fixed. Sweettech told that API v1 uses some adapter to support FW3 and that the server needs some time to know which you are using.

I got it working if you restart Handy a few times but it can happen again later during play.

My advise: Use FW2.13

@Lucifie @Jupiter I have a Xbox Razer Wolverine Tournament ed. controller. Its usb-a and not bluetooth. It pops up as a device in windows under the right name. Though I can’t find it in HandyControl. Should this work?

@WisQi @handyman69 I am only able to speak for Xbox one controller. Even with this controller, I had some intermittent issues (if I recall correctly) when paired it as a gamepad. It would show up as connected in windows as a gamepad but disconnected on HC.

A wired connection always worked however, so not sure why @handyman69 USB connection is not working.

I havent had any issues once I paired it as a bluetooth controller (as you would a bt keyboard or a mouse).

I had some trouble with the xbox series x wireless at the beginning so I only used it with a cable. But after some time it just worked with bluetooth. Maybe it was a driver update since the new gamepad had some problems at the start of release.

I have only tested the normal controllers: Xbox 360 / Xbox One / Series X/S
Dunno how and if my library supports your controller since it looks like it has more buttons.

This feels like a dumb question, but I can’t seem to find a definite answer anywhere…

Is there a way to get jump to a point in the script, and have the video follow (or vide versa)?

When loading a matching script and video, both load together into HC and MPC. And they can both start to Play at the same time, but if I click ahead on either, the other doesnt notice.

I’d like to have them jump together (similar to handyfeeling)
Am I doing anything wrong? (probably)

Really great application though!

Are you using MPC-BE and you have enabled the web interface? Which version of HandyControl?

Ive been using this since I got the Handy/joined here. I wanted to take a minute to thank you @Lucifie for the amazing software. It works flawlessly and only had issues on Windows 7, but not planning on using that system anytime soon. I feel a little lost with getting an OSR2, losing the ability to use HandyControl. I think ill go back to the Handy every now and again just for HandyControl.

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hi, can’t make the active host “local script host” to work,

15:12:58.014 - Downloading the script to Handy…
15:13:17.838 - Script Prepare - Error - Success False - Failed to download script

there’s any downside on using
do I need to press “upload to handy” every time I open a new video?
there’s any way to use multimedia keys to control it?

looks like it was just on my end.

I did have everything set, just as in instructions.
My system did an update and rebooted, and it all magically works now :slight_smile:
Thanks for replying, and for the great app

HandyFeeling takes more than double the time to upload a script. Thats the whole difference. If you change the script, you need to upload it again. The local script host needs propper firewall settings. Have you tested all the buttons and followed the instructions on the web host page? Multimedia keys: No


FW3 is also known to have download problems sometimes.

Is there a way to load multiple scripts like a playlist?

Not directly. But you can create a folder with everything you want and then use the ScriptFolder and the QuickLoad feature to load the next or random script with a button.

Thanks for al your work and effort.
HandyControl is a really great tool.

I was wondering:
Would it be feasible to use the chapters to control the transitions in a slideshow?

The chapters do not create transitions like blending effects in image slideshows. And images slideshows are currently not supported anyway. But maybe I get you wrong!?

HI got everything installed. my scripts and videos are on a shared drive in another room that I access through network drive. I am able to set up the handy, point it to the networked drive and then everything freezes. I cant close the settings or even change the setting tab. only solution is to control alt delete

Does it freeze when you set the script folder or what have you done?
How you access the drive? Is this another PC or a NAS?
Does it work without the network drive?

Hi. I believe the 4 TB hd is on a machine a short distance from my laptop. I believe I have the drives mapped. So I do the button push in the software and then choose my network, then my cockhero drive.


then it sits for a while sometimes gives a non responses error,


and some times it just sits and takes a while but most of the times after several minutes the correct script path shows up

and now everything is frozen…