List of VR players, interactive software, media servers, etc

This is a work-in-progress list of software that can be used to play VR videos with interactive devices. I’m sure I’ve missed many useful tools.

VR Players

Interactive Software

Media servers


(Most games w/ haptics seem to use buttplug/intiface linked above)


Very good list. Thank you very much :pray:
Here are two more additions:

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iOS SLR Interactive is coming with full support of Kiiroo Onyx+, Keon, Fleshlight Launch, Vorze Cyclone A10 and Piston.

Interactive VR Porn with Sex Toys - The Handy, Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon and others and What is SLR Interactive VR porn? - SexLikeReal Blog might be useful as well

Expect a huge boost of our interactive products.

@Yezohd8b: lists interactive software, media servers and adds SLR app two times since creation of the post

@doublevr 16 hours later: don’t forget to add promo shit about our site


Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve added them and a couple other linux tools.

Is there any other linux software that should be listed?

Adding to this, I’ve had great success using Intiface Desktop with the BepInEx ButtPlugin for the japanese hentai/3d hentai games Koikatsu and Honey Select 2 with my Handy

All necessary files and instructions are included in the link above


I feel like games should be included with interactive software. Virt-a-mate namely, are there any others?

I added a couple lists of games that support Buttplug Intiface or Game Haptic Router. VAM wasn’t in those lists so I manually added it.

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There was a recent update to this plugin FYI (new name, updated plugin) they also increased the strokes for the plugin (much needed) for all three VR games:
-Honey Select 2
-Koikatsu Sunshine

I tried it with Koikatsu Sunshine and oh man I highly recommend it :+1:

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I’ve given HereSphere VR a try (since its also on sale right now on Steam for $25) and it can play everything I’ve thrown at it, very impressed with it. Works flawless with connecting to Scriptplayer the same way DeoVR does.
I definitely like the auto focus feature and a ton of other little features DeoVR is missing.

Highly recommend it. You can even install the Demo if you want to try before buying

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I’ve switched to HereSphere, and highly recommend it as well. There’s a setting to slow video playback speed that somehow accurately slows the script at the same time. It opens up a world of content if you prefer slow scripts.

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i just tried heresphere demo and its bugging like crazy.

id like to know which vr player is most used by people.
DeoVR seems to keep having issues, first it had sounds issues in one patch, now my controllers wont work to adjust the image and there is no option for it under keybinds.

I think if everyone was to use the same player there would be better support for it.

Are you using VirtualDesktop or any other 3rd party software?

yes virtual desktop

It’s an issue I have heard a couple of times recently. SLR/DeoVR + Virtual Desktop = no working controllers. It’s not something that’s up to us to fix however.

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Anyone know if its possible to connect handy with PotPlayer? Since i use this instead of MPC

Any solution to run funscript with Keon on Linux ?

Intiface Desktop should support Keon on Linux, but I’m not sure which other software plays nicely with it in that environment. If you find a solution that works for you on Linux please share!