HandyControl - Advanced Button Scripting!? ๐ŸŽฎ

I am currently working on an expansion for the gamepad that should allow you to trigger more than a single event if you press a button.

The first idea was to just react on different holding times but I think this has so much more potential so I would like to get some input from your side what you think about button scripting :slight_smile:

As it does not require 2 hands you can also use it if you dont have a hands free mount for Handy.

The idea is to have 2 tables that can be edited, imported and exported so you can share the button scripts with other members or load different presets. More ideas are welcome :smile: :speech_balloon:

Table 1 (right) - Defines the commands

CommandIndex Unique name for the action.
Command A dropdown with available commands. (Speed, Stroke Lenght, Play Sequence, Goto Script Position Marker โ€ฆ)
Value This will be used for the command

If the CommandIndex has multiple entries then all commands are executed.

Table 2 (left) - Here you can script.

Action: Pressed Instant event (the same way as it works now).
Action: Released after Triggered if you release the button after this time and the next higher time.
Action: Holding Triggered if you reach this time while holding the button.
Button A gamepad button (maybe also keyboard)
CommandIndex Executes this command.


Press button A to set speed to 20% & top stroke lenght to 80%.
If you hold the button then the speed will increase every second up to 50% and then goes down to 20% again.
If you release the button it also goes back to speed 20%. Press and hold it again to repeat the ramp up/down.

Press button B to set speed to 0% & top stroke lenght to 50%.
If you hold the button then the speed will increase every 250ms up to 100%.
If you hold even longer then now the stroke lenght will increase every second by 10% until at maximum.
If you release the button it falls back to speed 0%. You can also repeat this.

Enable Advanced Button Scripting? Please only vote if you use HandyControl.
  • Yes, please!
  • I donโ€™t need this.

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did you ever make and relece this