Handyfeeling.com Web based App with Local Video File Support also another App for the Website fapinstructor.com

Hey there,

i´ve created an simple App for the Website Handyfeeling.com, no more needs to open the Website separately! Hope it´ll be much easier to connect scripts and interacts with The Handy Handyfeeling.apk . Also for those who interested in another App i´ve created is for the Site Fapinstructor.com FapInstructor.apk . Enjoy :slight_smile: :blush:




So what are the advantages of the App? I tell you

  • No more annoying Browser History to wipe (mommy will never know :smiling_imp: )

  • Easier Usage without typing the Website in Browser again

  • Ingame File Drop Zone ( for the Local Video Player)

  • Fap Instructor In App Video Player for easier usage


Amazing! Didn’t know creating an app via website was possible whoa! :open_mouth:
Thank you so much! :heart_eyes:

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can you use fapinstructor with other devices?

This is very nice!

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handyfeeling app
sadly when u go into fullscreen mode the status bar doesnt get hidden. at least on my galaxy s7

I dont know, i used it only with the Handy, maybe they support other Toys, but i dont know which one

you´re welcome, it was a pleasure to create an app for the Community, no more Websites yay :slight_smile:

I only tested the App with my Redmi 9AT, works perfect, maybe some smartphones variate in screen sizes

Awesome :ok_hand: Well done :clap: anything to keep things simple for us is great, more attention available for ‘other’ things to enjoy :wink: great streamlining

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Thanks for the positive Feedback, it was just an flash idea , and now i´ve published it :smiley: