Has anyone used Hush vibrating butt plug with scripts?

I just bought the Hush vibrating butt plug by Lovense as I want to sync it up with some of Shibby’s audio hypnosis scripts. Do we have a thread or tags somewhere for scripts that are for use with this type of sex toy?

Alternatively, do we have a list of videos that have been scripted for the Handy/KEON that also have a vibrating Hush script that can be used? I think it would be an awesome experience to have these two different sensations be part of the same video/audio experience!

Has anyone done something like this before?


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You could maybe use it with #multi-axis scripts.

in all honesty i have no idea if there are any scripts made specificaly for vibration toys uploaded here.
I dont know if lovesense has a app to use with their toys but you might find them there ( i happen to know this is the case with the hismith toys although it wasnt that good).

I’m pretty sure script player works with these toys… I read about this somewhere awhile back though…

It has bluetooth so you could probably connect it with Buttplug/Initface, but you would probably need another player to use 2 different scripts at once I assume.

ScriptPlayer can take a funscript and map it to a vibrating toy, but I was never that impressed with any of the mappings it uses. Also, depending on the mapping and the script, the program can end up sending commands faster than the toy can handle. (BLE is slooooow.) If that happens, the toy will gradually get more and more out of sync as more commands get stuck in the queue.