Have any of you heard of a game in development called Lustbound?

I was looking some for some videos to script when I scrolled past this and did a 180 scroll back up.


An AI supported JOI Game with Handy and other similar interactive toys integration

Here’s a copy of some of the information I’ve seen from their Jan 2022 Update:

Stroke Patterns:

We’ve been adding more stroke patterns for the animation system to choose from, and since we haven’t really emphasized the power of patterns yet, check this out!

Notice the variation we can get from just a single pose by simply feeding the animation system different stroke patterns!
The other benefit is that when using your Bluetooth sex toys, many of these patterns offer truly unique sensations that you just can’t find in standard Funscript videos!

Some more info from 2021

What do you guys think? I find it really interesting especially the variations and ideas behind it.

I just happened to come across it by chance and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere on here.


I’ve been waiting for a release to finally check it out. I first heard of it over at the Handy & Buttplug discord channels

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Ooh this looks like it could be some fun. Fingers crossed for T-code OSR2 support

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I was going through the patreon page… seems like there are betas but no download… but one of the tiers said download “early” so meaning that there are?

But it seems to be only text updates and changelogs…

decided to google lustbound but only found what seems to be a starbound mod…

found a post that thanked bug testers… no indication if they were hand picked or if a certain patreon tier automatically become bug/beta testers…

Whoa! Is there a Beta or something out already??

One of the best JOI Games that I stumbled across is Virtual Succubus :smiling_imp:


Based on this from their March 2022 Update:

“We’ve been steadily working our way towards the public release of the JOI demo, and we’re really happy with the fruits of our labor from this past month!”

It seems like we might see something relatively soon.

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Once you contribute to their Patreon, you’ll get invited to a Discord group which contains a beta. I tried it out and I think it’s very promising.

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What channel is the demo download, I didn’t find it :smiley:

They add you manually to the channel, so contact the group’s admin.


I’m talking about Lustbound, not Virtual Succubus.


ask FlashBangZ on their Discord (FlashBangZ - Lustbound Hideout), you need to be a Patreon to be added to the tester group. Link to their Patreon: FlashBangZ is creating Lustbound and Mod-Packs | Patreon

The dev is a pretty cool person that is doing their best to prevent people from abusing privileged access to the early builds. I can tell you they aren’t ready for any sort of public release yet. Be patient and wait for a beta build with the features you are anticipating. It’s coming and it will probably be great, but give it time.

When i start the bluetooth the program is broken