Help connecting Hismith Traveler Pro to Script Player

Trying to connect the Hismith Traveler Pro to Scriptplayer, but having trouble.
I am able to successfully connect the device to Initface, and have confirmed that setting the oscillation in initface does indeed move the Hismith. I’ve also been able to successfully connect script player to initface. However when I load a script to Scriptplayer and try playing it, the device does not move.

Is this an issue with the script somehow not being supported on the Hismith? On IOST, it says that HiSmith traveler pro supports buttplug.

I also have the same issue, did you ever get it resolved?

I believe a funscript is not compatible with an oscillating device. A handy is a linear device that moves up and down and has several positions it can move to. Whereas a hismith is just a motor that moves in one direction, yes it can have some kind of script and change speeds and positions but only in one direction. Funscripts are too complex for something like that. Try searching @dimnogro’s posts. He has a tutorial of sorts to set up a handy as a dildo machine if that’s what you’re looking for.

I already have the handy, I found it lacking in the dildo machine which is why I got a hismith, guess I should have done more research

I wish there was something more suitable for dildos that can run fun scripts

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