Help me before I break every thing in frustration, pleasee

My launch wouldn’t connect which led me down in Internet rabbit hole that led here. I am not at all technically savvy with code and such. After being disappointed that my lunch wouldn’t connect I ended up here and now I can’t even get the goddamn software to download. I’m going to bed now at 9:00 a.m. West Coast time today maybe this evening one of you could comment on here and help me get this s*** started.

Is it a brand new launch or an old launch? If it’s old I’m sure the Bluetooth is shot, and if it’s new you are probably connecting it wrong. What app are you connecting it to?

Do you mean when it was working this morning and working yesterday. Plus I’d like to find a way to enter this site and use it. I can’t figure out how to download the app to play the videos from here properly. After I download it I click on it in the file and it says it can’t play it. Technical s*** like this frustrates me so bad I just want to f****** break s***

I tried to use the field connect app to start cuz that was the one that was working I have downloaded every other one that I could find information on. The SLS app recognizes it but won’t sign on.

i use scriptplayer. There’s a menu option to directly connect to the launch. You just have to have both the video file and script file downloaded

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DabMerino meant that Launch is infamous for its cheap and crappy bluetooth components. So many have had to get a new device because their bluetooth broke making it impossible to use it. Just because it worked in the morning doesn’t mean it can’t be broken now. Bluetooth broke in my old Launch for instance. One day it just refused to connect to anything.

I’ve had 3. I know all about the amazing ship.

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got the same issue with bluetooth, had to buy a new one… contact support to check it’s down.

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