Help playing split-screen videos with Google Cardboard VR

Hi all,

Strictly speaking this doesn’t have anything to do with scripts, but it relates to some of the videos posted here and I figured it wouldn’t be a bad place to ask.

On some sites like Pornhub, when playing VR videos on my phone, I get a little Cardboard icon prompt in the bottom corner that initiates the VR mode and plays the video back properly with two squares that move along with head movements.

However, on some sites like porntrex that I’ve seen posted here with some scripts, the videos are simply 16:9 videos that have been split into two side-by-side 8:9 videos that are slightly different for each eye, but there’s no icon to initiate the Cardboard VR mode and it just plays as a static, split-screen video.

I’ve been googling how to do this and Cardboard VR forums are so dead at this point that I cannot for the life of me figure out what I’m doing wrong. Help would be very appreciated.


i only tried a cardboard once a long time ago (my phone was too slow for it) so im not a pro but it sounds like it doesnt have the right name and the app doesnt know its a 3d vr vid. most VR sets needs a certain info at the end of the name. like _180_sbs or 180x180x180 LR and i think your phone needs something similar and the second site doesnt have that.
so try to find what cardboard needs

I started out with cardboard. My advice, get a Oculus. Even if its just the Go and not the Quest you will have a much better experience.

Ebay $90

Or if you’re interested, I have one you can buy.

Which apps would you recommend for playing content on this device?

DeoVR or Skybox

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Does Skybox for Go support funscripts?

I’ll probably upgrade to an Oculus Quest 2 in the near future, but I was just wondering for playing videos on my Cardboard in the meantime.

For a concrete example, look at this video:

When I open it on my phone, there’s no cardboard icon to press. Is there no way to stream this video in VR?

No skybox is just for viewing

Sign up for porntrex it’s free, then you can download videos.
Download the VR video you want, then use a installed player like Skybox to watch the video.

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