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I’m sorry, I know I’ve asked similar questions a few times, but I cannot seem to get the answers I need and can’t get this to work after many months of frustration. I’ve been back and forth between here, Heresphere’s Discord, and Reddit. First: I am not very well familiar with Heresphere and Scriptplayer.

I have a Handy and an Oculus Quest 2 (second gen), and I have an SLR sub for scripts. I play videos and scripts with no problem at all on DeoVR from SLR. I can play videos and scripts with no problem from CzechVR using the Oculus browser (but unfortunately the controls are spartan, which is why I wanted Heresphere).

I want to use scripts from here natively on my Q2. I should be able to do this along with the videos from the respective sites as long as I am a member of that site, correct? (i.e. if I download video “tayleewoodxyz” from say BadoinkVR (just an example), I should be able to download “tayleewoodxyz.funscript” from here and play them together as long as they are the same exact title and in the same exact location, correct?

Now on to Heresphere: Am I able to play the video and script using ONLY Heresphere? I’ve seen a lot of confusing information on this. Do I still need Scriptplayer? *If so, where do I find a native Q2 version? All I’ve seen are Android versions.

Is it possible to stream on Heresphere? If I enter a website (such as CzechVR), I have no problem accessing it, BUT it plays on a smaller video screen, and as soon as I click on the “Go to VR” icon, I get some pop up with a QR code asking to download some other app.

I’ve literally been trying to get Heresphere to work since I bought the native Q2 version right after it came out (2021 I believe), and STILL can’t use it or seem to get any answers. PLEASE HELP!

I’m not familiar enough to comment on Heresphere, but I can tell you my setup FWIW. I stream saved videos from my pc to the quest using Plex media server. On the quest, open DeoVR and click the files then connect to Plex (or whatever media server you use through DLNA. As long as the matching scripts is in the interactive folder of quest you will get the fleshlight icon. Also if you have scripts for SLR videos that aren’t scripted on the site you can still get them to work through the SLR site. Just have to make sure the name of the script in the interactive folder is the number in the address bar that corresponds to the video on SLR.

For example, for this scene Single Tight Female - Beautiful Redhead One on One Sex the script on your quest needs to be renamed to 16340. Then when you play the video in DeoVR you will have the fleshlight icon.

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I don’t use VR and scripts very often, so I haven’t bothered trying to set up streaming.
What I do is this.

  1. DL your video to pc
  2. DL the script to PC
  3. Change the file name so they match.
  4. Plug your quest into the PC and create a folder on the Quest. Name is Interactive, Scripts. Whatever.
  5. Add your video to the movie folder.
  6. Add your scripts to the folder you created.
  7. Launch hearsphere and locate the Movie file.
  8. Connect your handy to heresphere and you should be good to go.

The downside of this method is it can take a while to transfer videos from your PC to the quest. I recommend trying different USB ports. If I use the ports on the back of my computer it’s very slow. The ports on the front much faster.

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Yes, It’s possible to paly scripts by only using Heresphere - The only way to play scripts is by storing them on the pc / the quest 2 in the same folder together with the video, And both files need to have the same name.

You do not need script player or any other application.

Then Heresphere will play the scripts together with the video.

In the Heresphere menu you first need to connect the Handy like you connect it to DeoVr

That’s the button to connect the Handy to Heresphere - Change your Handy to WIFI mod like normal, Put your connection key for the Handy in Heresphere and click connect.

Then Heresphere will connect to the Handy, Then Heresphere will search for the script file in the folder that you are currently playing the video from.

If you change to a different folder make sure to go back to this button and change the folder to the new folder that you changed to.

It is also possible to stream video using Heresphere - But it is impossible to stream the video and the script at the same time.

I requested that the developer for Heresphere will add the option to stream a video from SLR and stream a script file that we download to the PC.

The developer said that SLR only want us to use their app - DeoVR and they are not allowing him access to the streaming feature of the scripts from their servers. Which is very unfortunate since Heresphere’s video quality easily surpasses DeoVR.

If you want to play videos from Heresphere from SLR / CzechVR (Only the video with not scripts) - You need to go to the browser in Heresphere, Go to the video page of the video - And click the download link of the video - And choose the quality you want to stream.

Hope it helps!

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