Help with finding footage of the old derpixion flash games

in my quest to have all derpixion content scripted on here. I found out he made lot of flash games back in the day and got them. but when I tried to record it came out extremely fuzzy. Does anyone have footage or can link a site that contains footage of these full games he made? list below

Screenshot (362)
Screenshot (364)

theres a project to archive all flash games ever made called flashpoint. you can check their archive.

its just the flash files. I do have all of the flash files but i couldn’t get a good recording of them when I launched them on my computer. They came out way too blurry. Thats why im asking for other sources of footage like a mp4 or something

Have you tried OBS?
Make sure the recording resolution is as big as you can get.
the flash games themselves are vector based images so they should scale as bug as you want.

are you talking about this?

Yeah. OBS is great assuming you configure it correctly.

I’ll try it out tmm thx!

try there are ALOT of derpixons swf. You can record them with a screen recorder and then script them.

just recorded it with OBS and it came out perfect. expect for of derpixon’s older stuff on here soon!

even though this topic is solved, I’d just like to also recommend swivel to anyone who needs methods to record swfs.

Newgrounds Wiki - Swivel - Flash to Video

It’s a pretty good tool to convert older swf files and gives you a fair amount of options for quality.

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