Help with script player and handy

my script player stop playing anything anymore. video loads fine. script loads fine. connects to handy fine. but all i get now is a blank screen view and handy just sit there. no video plays

Is it for all videos or just a specific video? If it’s just for one video then a black screen could mean that the video is encoded in a format that the player can’t play. Re-encode the video using Handbrake or ffmpeg or just ignore the video and play something else.

If you have problem with videos that worked fine before then start eliminating error sources to pinpoint what’s wrong e.g., go to HandyFeeling, connect your handy and select a video and a script to see if your handy works.

If it TheHandy works via HandyFeeling then test if you can use scriptplayer when TheHandy is connected via wifi.

If wifi works then start looking into what could be wrong regarding bluetooth and the apps related to that. I don’t use bluetooth myself so can’t give any specific advice on that. Doublecheck your settings is always a good thing. The following post shows a bit on that. Scriptplayer not connecting to Buttplug - #4 by achtstellige

no video works any more. not even normal ones. just stop playing anything all of a sudden. dont have wifi on my computer. try to connect to phone but ti wont find thehandy there(even though i set it up for first time use before on phone). i dont have a problem with the setup. its only just videos wont play

Can you play videos in e.g. VLC or some other video player you have? I’m trying to establish if it’s just a problem with scriptplayer or if it’s a problem with video playback in general.

Have you restarted the computer, the ultimate solution to problems related to “it worked before and I have not changed anything”?

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yes they play in other video players fine. yes restarted computer, reinstalled script player too. no idea what it is

Have you tried changing the video name and script to something simple like “123” ?

funny i loaded just the script. and handy immediately started moving . then went and tried loading the video and it went back to doin nothing…odd

going to pop on my headset and see if it is ok using the deovr player

well working perfectly fine in VR land. was hoping to get it working for plain 2d videos without the headset. anyone know how to setup another video player with it?

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thanks husky. will give it a shot :+1:

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