Help with Scriptplayer crashing

So, I recently got a VR headset and decided to give some VR stuff a whirl and hot-damn is it the bees knees. Problem is my setup is all janky. Scripts seem to stutter horribly and it’s definitely losing sync/strokes or something. I’m using a Quest 2 with steam vr and heresphere. Then I have my launch hooked up to scriptplayer and the video player set to DeoVR. Now, for whatever reason, certain videos cause scriptplayer to disconnect/reconnect rapidly a couple of times and then crash. It probably has something to do with changing the player setting to match the IP in heresphere, which I had read was a fix for the awkward/bad sync with launch/scriptplayer, but that hasn’t seemed to stop the problem.

Can y’all help a brother out? I just wanna be able to ascend to a higher reality, here.

WiFi and scriptplayer would always be wonky on my Handy that would cause stutter and complete stops, swapped over to Bluetooth and everything works as it should, maybe give that a try

After playing around with it, I found setting timestamp delay on the sync server in heresphere stopped the crashing. The skipped strokes are still an issue. I have Launch hooked up to scriptplayer via bluetooth and then heresphere(Steam version) running on my computer with my Quest 2 hooked up to it via wifi. I wonder if the issue is the Quest on wifi? Because the video player isn’t playing on script player, or my PC technically?

Man, I really don’t wanna have to blow $80 on a cable.

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