HereSphere + SteamVR Meta Quest 2 (Link Cable) Couple questions

Hi all!

So yesterday i got my Quest2 - I’ve got it working with script player and Heresphere on steam with link cable (u also needed steamvr for this?) Man its AWESOME! :slight_smile:

Couple questions:

How do i know which preset i need to use Like fisheye or perspective and that kind of things?

Sometimes the video is out of center as well and i need to look way down while sitting at my desk.

Is it possible to hide steamvr & Heresphere from activity from steam but not my other games? (do you guys have an second account for steam for this reason?)

Did you guys disable guardian?

If you got any more tips for a vr noobie please tell me!

Usually at the end of the namefile you download there is a symbol like “_3dh”, “_180”, “MKX_220”.
There was a recent comment on it from the Heresphere dev, so take a look:

Use your Quest controllers to move/rotate/zoom the image until you are comfortable with it. In Heresphere’s options you can find the keybindings.

In my case when I disable the guardian, Heresphere is loosing the tracking complete.
So no I don’t disable the guardian.
But I have bad issues with h265 files (Heresphere SteamVR Version only). The files stutters and crashes
the picture at all. I think it is a problem with this codec from Microsoft store.

HereSphere usually detects that for you, no matter what the file name is. The file name will overwrite what HereSphere detects though. The only videos I’ve found that consistently fail to be detects correctly are VirtualRealPorn.

I believe if you hold the Grip button and hit the A button, the view will reset to where you are looking, which could be useful in that situation. Once you get it centred you can then move it around to fit your needs.

I haven’t found a way. I ended up just stopping my friends being able to see anything. Hides my addiction to Path of Exile too, so not all bad.

I’ve ended up disabling tracking completely, which by default, disables the Guardian. It might just be my headset, but I’ve found after a few weeks of use, the tracking starts to get lost regularly, until I do a factory reset. Since the tracking doesn’t seem to do much in this type of VR, disabling it seems fine. It probably stops you using the movement function of HereSphere, but I wasn’t using that anyway.

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