HereSphere VR Video Player for Quest 2/Pro/3 supports Handy, Keon, Launch and Passthrough

Hi, I have a folder with images, but when I access it it appears blank. I have the HEVC codec installed on the PC. Does the program allow viewing this type of files? Thx.


Update - HandyFeeling

Tried it on a Handy from a friend which was on FW2 before.
It updated to 3.2.0 first and then after updating again it was 3.2.2
Not sure if it’s still that way.

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TheHandy has a discord channel called The Handy (Official) where you can get support if you still have problems upgrading your Handy after following instructions from the link from lemonsplash. Link is on the bottom of the official Handy home page (or use this link The Handy (Official))

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Tried v0.5 out last night, and I must say with the updates of tags over the playbar, this was an instant buy for me today. You’ve done a great job with this @HereSphere !

I have one more small feature request - I wonder if there would be a way to show whether a file has an accompanying script in the file list view? Like a little icon after the title or something? Right now I’m just manually adding files I know are scripted to a scripted playlist.

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If you setup XBVR, it’ll match funscript files to your videos, and create a “Scripted” list. HereSphere can display that list and will also add a “Interactive Script” tag to those videos, so you can search for that tag.

I’ll add automatically labeling scripted files in the file explorer to the to-do list.


OK cool I’ll do that. I setup XBVR the other day but I haven’t added it to HereSphere yet. How would I do that - just use DLNA or is there another approach?

Use the DeoVR option. HereSphere can read the json files meant for DeoVR. Enter in the local IP address of XBVR server (usually starts with 192, not the 127 one) into the HereSphere web browser with http, like Once the web page is loaded, press the webstream icon in the upper left corner of the web browser (looks like a play button with radio waves).


Fantastic thanks

Heresphere support tells me that : “Images aren’t supported yet. I’ll probably add support once I update to UE5”.No rush but no pauses. :+1:

Do you have a rough estimate on when WebXR support will be available? Presumably this why the current version of HereSphere does not work on live dreamcam streams?

I don’t have an estimate on when WebXR will be implemented. Also I’m not sure if it’s possible to intercept dreamcam streams so the HereSphere VR video player can play them. It might have to rely on the web browser VR video player, which isn’t great. I’ll need to do more lots more research.


thanks for the replies guys!

Got it updated again and It is working :smiley:

Is there a guide on installing and getting this up and running anywhere?

Check if this guide is what you are looking for.

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I am running the Steam beta, and when trying to add syncronzed peripherials and get the upgrade warning…
The device is already on 3.20.
If I go to, it doesn’t seem to show any available upgrade.
Any advice how to fix this?

The firmware needs to be 3.2.2. Try going to HandyFeeling

I doesn’t show any new updates when doing that…

Try downgrading to firmware 2, and then revisit the page. Not sure what’s going on with Handy’s update, but doing that sometimes helps.

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You can also try updating using Handys safe mode (from

Update FW3 through safemode

Safemode is very “safe” and has an elementary Wi-Fi connection logic. It might need a couple of tries before you can update. Follow this guide to do a safe mode update to the latest version:

  • Start the hotspot (name: safemode, password: recovery)
  • Unpower your Handy
  • Wait 30 sec
  • Power your Handy in safemode (Hold in the wifi button, then power your Handy. You can release the wifi button once your Handy is blinking yellow).
  • Wait 15 sec
  • Press UP button until the light changes
  • Your Handy will now try to update
  • If it blinks red, wait 10 sec, then press the UP button again. Repeat four times before giving up
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thank you. this worked. cheers.