HereSphere VR Video Player for Quest 2/Pro/3 supports Handy, Keon, Launch and Passthrough

HereSphere VR Video Player now has experimental native support for funscripts when using the Handy on the Quest 2 (PC version will be updated soon). A fully functional free demo can be downloaded from, and then installed with SideQuest.

To enable funscripts with the Handy in HereSphere:

  1. In the user settings, input your Handy Connection Key and then enable the “Synchronized Periphals” toggle. If the connection is successful, then you should see “Connected” next to the toggle. If you see “Firmware Update Required”, then you need to update the Handy firmware. If you see “Invalid Connection Key”, check your connection key and make sure the Handy is in wifi mode with accesss to the internet.
  2. The player will first look for funscript files in the same directory as the video being played (including videos played over SMB). If no funscript files are found, then the player will look in the fallback directory. The default fallback directory is the “Interactive” folder located on your Quest 2’s internal shared storage.
  3. It may take several seconds for funscript files to be downloaded to the Handy when a video is opened. If the script doesn’t seem to be playing or has sync issues, you can try reopening the file or refreshing the connection by hitting the reconnect icon next to the Synchronized Peripherals toggle. You can also toggle play/pause or seek to resync the video.

This feature is a work-in-progress (still need to get it to work with XBVR’s funscript urls and iron out some occasional connection issues). If you have any issues or suggestions, please leave your feedback or contact me on the HereSphere Discord Channel. Thanks!


This is so wonderful. Thank you for working to get this integration working. I hope everyone takes a chance and checks out heresphere. The video quality is so much better than other options.


Automatic buy, ty so much for this. Been needing this for so long on Quest 2


Great! hopefully won’t have to wait too long for the PC version.


Looks Great!

looking forward to the PC version when released


Agreed! Going through SteamVR is such a PITA.

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I really hope its not through steamvr and is a standalone desktop launcher. Steamvr feels very clunky and doesn’t launch right for me sometimes.

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They already have a SteamVR version. And yeah, I experience the same with launch issues.

Dream state is an official Meta store Heresphere app for desktop. Author said its on the roadmap, I totally get why the standalone Quest version is first priority though.


Nice!! thank you. Question, does it have the ability to play 2d and vr vids via dlna as well? Most of my vids are stored on an external hd and played through kodi dlna. Not much room on the quest for storing vids.

Currently, only SMB (default windows file sharing) and HTTP (or the DeoVR/XBVR API) is supported for streaming videos. The nice thing with SMB is you can delete your videos from the player. DLNA will be added in a future update.


So I got a chance to try it out and needless to say for a launch of a new feature I am stoked! I had 1 crash but other than that it worked perfectly on smb/Q2. Seriously ty so much for this app it is so worth the pricepoint on Q2. Highly recommend to any script users on Quest 2 as this is literally all I’ve been asking for… I’ll only need one app now as this has top notch visuals and script capabilities all in one. The resolution enhancement is like night and day, along with the in depth customization it offers. Literally had no issues other than the 1 drop I had.

One request I would like to make for a future update though… I know it shows on the main setting that your device is connected. But I would highly request a prompt showing that your script has been loaded with the corresponding video on screen in the future. That was the only hangup I had was waiting to see if the script had indeed been loaded with the video on screen. Amazing debut though… Worth every penny imo


I second this. @HereSphere quality of life features like this are very important. But so far I am very pleased with the player and the image quality like others mentioned are :pinched_fingers:


Yeah, thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to add some status icons and sort out XBVR and connection issues in the next update. I was trying to get this released before the weekend, since lots of people were waiting on the feature.


Awesome, Ty so much :slight_smile:

I tried this out too last night and I found SMB discovery and initial connection to be very slow.

It took a minute or two to find my server, then upon tapping on it it took another minute or two to load the root list. I also use SMB with skybox and that connects in less than a second.

Is there a way to remember an SMB server and credentials so I can just manually add it?

Once I did get it connected though, it found the scripts next to the videos no problem at all!

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It’s really expensive mate. We need a fair price and i dont mean that it should be 10 dollars or below.


There’s a bookmark button in the upper left corner. Your credentials will be saved along with the bookmark, so when you click on it, it’ll automatically load those credentials. HereSphere only uses SMB2/3 because SMB1 has security issues, but SMB2/3 doesn’t have network discovery like SMB1, so I have to use some slow hacky methods to list the network SMB shares.


If you’re on a tight budget, the free demo is basically the same as the paid version except for an occasional popup. This doesn’t interfere with the video playback, so the demo is still quite usable.

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Thats perfect thank you. I don’t need discovery as it has a static IP, so thats no issue. I’ll give it another go tonight.

Do you have plans for launching on the Meta / Facebook store?

Yeah, I’ll be submitting the app to App Lab after a polishing the app some more. If the app gets rejected, then I have to wait another 4-6 weeks before Meta will look at it again, so I want to make sure the app meets their criteria before submitting.