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Hey "Offline Watchers"....Storage amount for VR-Files?

Hi there folks…

i’m part of the “wanna have the files here” fraction mostly. I’m running a few subscriptions, but the vids I really like, I wanna also have an access to without any internet. For all guys out there, who tend to the same behaviour:

What amount of Storage are You using or planning to use? Because of, if the collection is growing and growing, the most expensive cost factor are not subscriptions or VR-Sets but much more NAS-Systems and HardDisks :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have an Asustor NAS with 4 x 3TB HDD and room for another 2 if I need more space. Use it for storing all sorts of stuff but currently have about 3 TB of VR on it. I run XBVR through Portainer and it’s working beautifully.

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I have 10tb WD elements that I’ve got cheap last black friday. No issues so far and it’s more than enough for like a thousand scenes. The NAS systems looks cool but they are overpriced in my opinion if I will use them just for porn.

Well…my 8TB NAS System is hosting 1361 VR Scenes at the moment (the most in at least 4k, only my favorites in 6k or 8k) and 638 Scripts…and I have 100 GB free storage left :stuck_out_tongue:

I have collected the interesting stuff (to me) from all mayor sites within the last 2 years. So, atm it wokrs fine to me to get an overview from time to time and delete scenes that er replaced by better ones with same pornstar or that are not really watched…so i am holding my 100 GB “spare-capability” since 12 weeks now…i think, this is also suitable for the future (as far as we not change headsets to 20k and above :-P) so 8TB is for me under the restriction to 4k for the seldomly watched vids sufficient. Otherwise, with aim on higher resolution on more vids, i would tend to say, that one needs a 16TB Storage system at the moment…on the other hand…can YOU see still pixels in 8k resolution vids ? and in case of VR, we can not talk about bigger screens in the future…so i think, even if some producer will introduce 12k headsets, nobody will need it. If a picure is sharp, it is sharp g

I have a NAS with 16TB storage. On that I have 98VR videos of varying resolutions (mostly highest quality h264 codec) 236GB total

50tb NAS here, about 30tb full, mostly VR but also a lot of 2d…

i have at the moment 24TB 2x8TB 2x4TB with roughly 20TB used only in use for VR all for 4K when you use 8K or jav you would need a lot more (javs can be up to 20TB a movie).

At the moment I have 2 Icy boxes both filled with 8x8tb drives. The second one is one third filled.

1 8TB drive gives me space for about 600GB non VR porn, roughly 500 VR videos (all highest quality available) and about 2.4 TB left spare.

Currently rocking 28TB of vids (duplicated, so 14TB in actuality)
Looking to build me one of these

I have 6TB drive with the majority of the vids I like from most websites. It’s better this way as you can subscribe once and never again.

If I want a new scene there are totally legal methods where you can download them.