Honey select 2 libido dx connect to Thehandy

There is this lovely game.
I was wondering if is it maybe possible to connect it to handy/other toy?


You can get the a mod for it. With the mod you start up intiface and then basically the game connects to intiface and w/e device youre using.
If you’re getting the game via the giant repack thats floating around I believe the mod is included in the giant download, just gotta grab it out of the mod folder.


Didn’t know, big thank you!

Reach out to the creators and tell them to contact us. We would love to help them to integrate the game👌

It has been solved by Intiface Desktop integration already. Works flawlessly. Even emergency shut down shortcuts implemented in the mod. The games mod in the plugin settings can help to fine tune the handy movement and timings to the actual movements in the game.

The games graphics are not bad, but i could imagine a fully photo realistic porn game for example with Unreal Engine 5 + Handy integration. It would be an instant buy.

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Thank you for this tip! Didn´t even know that you can connect the games with devices. In combination with the ability to use custom skins of characters this is actually awesome.
You just feel the reactiontime of your pc to changes more compared to videos that follow a predetermined script. Don´t know if this is an issue based on my hardware though… (the bluetoothdongle I use or the keon, dunno^^)

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