How about a "Recommendations" category to help find good scenes (and maybe other things like actresses, etc.)

Does anyone else want a place to ask for scene recommendations?

Maybe even other recommendations like actresses? I realize that this is a script site, but as a scripter it would help me to have a place to ask for recommendations about scenes which that contain elements that I would enjoy–and therefore enjoy scripting.

Hypothetical: I want to do multi-axis scripting. I might want to find recs for good VR scenes that contain:

  • Mostly seated camera position (better for scripting)
  • Lots of actress wiggling left/right (adds multi-axis realism)
  • Lots of actress grinding close/far and not just bouncing up/down (realism)
  • Good Scale (always important in VR)

For a real example, I recently posted a new thread looking to crowd-source feedback for scenes that contained mirrors. I believe that these will be very helpful for multi-axis scripting. As there doesn’t seem to be a place to post for scene recommendations, I posted in “script requests”.

My post was then moved by a mod to “help”, which kinda fits the bill, but seemed to squash momentum in the thread.

In the past, I’ve posted several request threads in different categories. I never know where to put them.

Past Request Threads

Scenes With Mirrors - got moved to “Help”.

Scene Request w/ Big Asses in VR - posted this in “General”.

What do you think, would a new category make sense, or a subcategory of “General”? I think we’d all get a lot out of a place for scene discussion.



Every thread thats asking for recommendations inevitably turns into essentially a request thread where people are trying to get you to script stuff they like.
Then that thread turns zombie with some new post every couple months bringing it back to life with another “script so-so-so, she’s so hot” – when no one is paying attention by that point.

You’re better off finding someone who scripts stuff that you like and DMing them to get recommendations (if they are cool with it)


Thanks for your input!

I do agree with the zombie thread thing and that users will inevitably resort to asking me to script various scenes. I’d say in general, I’d rather at least get scenes suggested than none at all.

I disagree that DMing existing scripters could help us much. First, it’s extremely limiting and second isn’t necessary. You don’t have to be a scripter to suggest scenes.

Let’s say I want to make a post for recommendations. I don’t need to limit things to @g90ak or @sentinel or @qweer (sorry for the ping, boys, just admire what you contribute and wouldn’t mind your thoughts) as the whole point is to crowd-source things.

Hypothetical Post:

Title: Please suggest VR scenes that have good scale and a big ass (or asses). Prefer young or without too many fillers/surgeries.

Body: I am looking for VR scenes that would make for great multi-axis scenes.
Please recommend scenes that have some or most of the following, in order of importance:

  • Good Scale (see Note)
  • Big Asses
  • Mostly Seated POV
  • Teens (or not fucked by surgery)
  • Slow movements (some or lots)
  • Lots of twisting with blowjobs / handjobs (hand or mouth)
  • Lots of side-to-side movement
  • Lots of forward/back movement
  • Good Dirty Talk

Note: Scale varies by IPD, and I’m looking for scenes that have scale on the smaller side. Best examples of good scale in 2024 are BadoinkVR, SLR, VRSpy, VirtualTaboo.

I realize that I’ll probably get a ton of requests that don’t meet the brief, but I’d rather get some good suggestions than just bug a scripter who might not have any interest in these things, even scripters I respect.

No matter how many parameters you put in there, the number one answer will always be…
Hitomi Tanaka

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Sorry, can’t help you much. I’m MUCH more a “performer-first” type person. I don’t care about the action, genre, etc. as much as I do about the performer.


Understood. I think this reinforces my point that DMing scripters is not the way to go as we’ll all have varied interests. On the other hand, if you or someone wanted recommendations similar to…

Title: Recommend me actresses similar to Layla Jenner and Agatha Vega.

… a recommendations category might be really nice.

Edit: I remember a good thread on reddit asking for actresses with asses similar in shape to Bella Rolland, which is much more specific than just looking for a big ass. It yielded good results, but then the algorithm just whisks it away into the abyss. I’m hoping that this place could serve to have a bit more permanence.

OK, so you’re just gonna rationalize around anything you don’t already agree with. Strawmen are the easiest targets. I brought it up, so fair enough.

Well, rather than ask for a mod to the site, why don’t you test it out with a post in Off-Topic? If it doesn’t immediately fall into pointlessness, then you’re right and you have some backup to your site mod request.

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Bro, I’m totally cool if you think my idea is either not useful for you, or just stupid, or would detract from the site. Obviously we all have different wants and needs. I appreciate good discussion and would love to hear any suggestions for the best way to categorize and ask for this kind of help.

I realize that this is a site that should be primarily focused around scripts, but I also believe that it is a much better place than say, reddit and discord, to crowd source insight. Reddit and discord just have things disappear into the void, whereas here things stay way more permanent.

LMAO, based on your reply, I just clicked the “off topic category” to see what was there and the first thing that came up in the stickied first post was @qweer requesting a video request category and a follow up from @TheHandyman about the same. No joke, I had no idea.

You know, on the contrary… a recommendation category for the forums might be kind of bad, but a pinned Recommended Video Thread might be cool. Maybe people could comment and link the type of content they like, without feeling like making an outright request. I’m always looking for stuff to script, and I think maybe it’d take less effort to just post in a recommended video thread.

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I mean didn’t seem like a very popular ideal back in '22, but maybe opinions have changed. I’ve been wrong before…a couple times in this thread already.

I’ve just kind of got a pet peeve for those “give me your recommendations” posts that the OP never uses, or a post that starts off fine but turns into the undying thread of unwanted suggestions. So I maybe came in a little hot, sorry.


I know that we’ve had discussions about adding more categories before.

One of the arguments against creating more categories is that Discourse is built on the use of tags, not categories, subforums and such. Therefore only major things like the categories we have now have made it through the needles eye to actually become a category. My feeling is that this suggestion might still be a bit too specific given how many threads there are on this. The topic is probably not big enough to call for its own category at the moment. Maybe if more and more thread turn up like that it might call for it later on. Until then maybe a recommendations tag (or something similar) could be introduced so it’s possible to filter and search for it without using free text search? Just my two cents…


In this case, would you have it posted in General then?

Most likely since it is related to what you want to script. Off-topic is something that isn’t related to what this site is about. There will of course always be grey areas, but don’t worry too much about it as long as you make an effort of selecting what you believe is the right category. If the mods disagree they will most likely move the thread.

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Yeah, thats one of the suggestions I made a mistake on. I shouldn’t have said “Off Topic” when I meant “General”

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yeah general seems good tbh

it’s not too often that scripters ask for requests of scenes, so that seems like a decent fit

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Thanks boss. Can I create a “recommendations” tag myself? Not sure how tagging works, other than that I often have problems applying both the OSR2 and SR6 tags to some posts.

i feeeeeel like tagging is only useful for organizing/searching lots of topics, so prob won’t be helpful here. But you can try it if you want

Roger that.