How can I enjoy PassThrough & script at the same time please with OSR2+ & quest 2?

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But that’s not the right place for this, so that’s why I’m making this topic…

How do you manage to get Passthrough working with Quest 2 and at the same time run the script with OSR2+?

This question because:

  1. Passthrough works very well on Quest 2 but only through DeoVr on the Quest itself. Passthrough doesn’t work through DeoVr via Airlink/Link.

  2. But OSR2+ only communicates with the computer/laptop through USB. So in order to play a script, Airlink/Link must always be used to play the video on the Quest 2 while OSR2+ is running the script.

So can someone explain to me how I can enjoy PassThrough & script at the same time please ? :thinking: (with OSR2+ & quest 2 )

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Using the SLR Quest2 App on the Quest2 you can use JoyFunPlayer on your PC.
NO AIR LINK NEEDED - PC controls the toy - Quest2 Plays the videos.

Login with your SLR User&Pass on BOTH the SLR Quest2 App app AND JoyFunPlayer program.

JoyFunPlayer will also load scripts from the Quest2 headset or the SLR servers and control your OSR2.

:smiley: I hope this helps.

You can also use the SLR QUEST2 APP installer for Windows instead of SideLoading the .APK SLR APP.

Go to SLR on QUEST2, PC ect… for more info.

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@Tech_Dave Thanks a lot man, good to know that solution. :pray:
You have already helped me on my way. :ok_hand:

I still have a few issues…

  1. I don’t have an SLR subscription (yet), so I can’t log in to both programs, of course with all the consequences…

I also think it’s ridiculous that I should be required to have a paid subscription to use PassThrough & Scripts on its own. So just with my own PassThrough videos & scripts, and not those of SLR.

Because that’s what I want first. I have my own videos with black, green or blue backgrounds that are made especially for Passthrough. Also the scripts…

  1. I haven’t worked with JoyFunPlayer yet either. Tried it now, but it doesn’t work well and I find it very unclear.

Still, I found a solution. I am used to working with MultiFunPlayer. It is much more comprehensive and better than JoyFunPlayer. And I managed to connect DeoVr on the Quest itself to MultiFunPlayer on the computer, without AirLink or Link.
Just entered the IP address of my Quest 2 and I was immediately connected.

So actually an easy solution in the end. :man_shrugging: :innocent:
And once I also want to use all this on SLR, then I now also know how it will work.
So again thanks a lot man. :love_you_gesture:

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