How do I connect a lovense toy to Scriptplayer?

I have a lovense max2 and a hush. How can I connect them to scriptplayer to plays scripts that I have for Handy, Launch, Onyx, and Onyx-plus?

Step by step instructions would be appreciated.

Intiface is generally what I use along with MultiFunPlayer.
Basically, MFP lets you connect devices through intiface and you can select channels for what stimulation type those are. I think it’s suppose to be for like pitch, roll, etc. type strokers generally but I’ve found you can use anything.

What I did was download MFP and Intiface. Start up intiface and devices. Start server on intiface and scan for what you want to use. When you see it connect disconnect from the server but don’t stop it. After that open up MFP and select which video player at the top you wanna connect to it. MPC probably has to be setup in the same way you would for scriptplayer but when I tried to connect it just went green and worked. After that select the video in the video section. Next one is the type of device it is along with script you want loaded to that device. So pick the proper channel type (L0, L1, R2, V1, etc.) and load a script per channel. Last one is connect and with device map drop down select the device and assign which channel matches which.

After that should be all green check marks and just pushing play with start up the devices. Accuracy is dependent on your connection to bluetooth tho, and some people have stuttering issues sometimes with intiface so expect to do some tweaking possibly.

Outside of all that, xtoys likely has in-browser functionality too.

Where do I get MultiFunPlayer from?

Got as far as loading script and what video goes with it. But for the life of me, I can’t see a play button in MFP. Last step you say is to push play. There is no play in MFP that I can find.

Oh, by play i meant just start the video you wanted in MPC (or whichever video player youre using)once its all hooked up properly which sounds like ya got.

Thank you. It’s working now.

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