How do I connect the SR6 to MultiFunPlayer?

I’ve got the video and multiaxis scripts working, but I can’t connect the SR6 or don’t know how. I Keep trying serial output but none of the devices showing up work. Help would be appreciated thanks.

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Let me know if I need any plugins or software. I just got the sr6 assembled by yourhobbiescustomized

The MultiFunPlayer thread has instructions for it IIRC. Select the right serial port (i.e. COM3) and then assign the axes to each of the output parameters listed below that. They’ll be L0, L1, L2 etc.

My issue is I cant select the right serial port. I even tried installing multifunplayer on my laptop and no serial ports showed up.

did you install the arduino drivers already?

Ive installed Arduino Ide

Did you update your USB drivers?

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When I installed arduino ide. I installed all the usb drivers and esp 32

Its working now. to get the port to show i needed to download Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge. then com 7 appeared

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