How do I cut and paste scripts?

I’m using OFS 1.4.2

What I’m trying to do is cut parts from a script and add the cut to a new script. I thought simply having two OFS windows open I would be able to cut from one and add to the other, this is not the case.

Drop your comments or links, thanks fellas :+1:

open the script and copy the desired section, then click the file-open project, open the second script and paste it there

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Open your script, go to project>add>add existing, select your second script. Copy and past from there, with both scripts in the timeline.

Both methods works, thanks fellas :+1:

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Hello! I am here reading this thread trying to figure out how to create a compilation of some of my favorite scripted videos I have downloaded from this site.
I am new to scripting but I am an experienced video editor on my Mac so I know how to compile the video clips together but I am confused in using JoyFunScripter. Or is OFS better for this?

In JoyFunScripter, I understand using the scripts menu to save clips of video with the matching scripts I have chosen for my compilation but I don’t know how to properly proceed after that to make one single funscript from my saved clips?
Any help explaining this is much appreciated

took me way longer than i care to admit to figure that out myself

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If your using JFS then you can open two windows. Your compilation script in one and the source script in another. You can then select all the points you want to copy. ctrl C to your clip board and then ctrl v to the other window. Really easy on JFS but you do need to open two windows.

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Got it. Thank you for the good info!
I’d like to share that @Husky also gave me a good step by step breakdown of how to do this on another thread which I’ve linked here Best software for making Compilations? - #19 by Husky

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