How do I update Heresphere? Currently stuck on 1.10.1

I’m having issues with Heresphere (time offset has no effect) so I checked to see if it was using the latest version. It’s at 0.10.1. How do I update it? I tried to get into sidequest to see if I could update it from there, but when I went to to enter the code, it sent me to the sidequest login page with no place to enter any code. This happens both on my pc and on my Quest 3. So:

How do I update Heresphere? Do I have to go to Sidequest? How do I do that? Shouldn’t this be happening automatically? Given the absence of information on updating Heresphere, I’m thinking that might be the case. If so, why isn’t it updating? Is there some setting I haven’t found yet that needs to be on?

best to reach out on their official discord. I get super quick responses there.

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Thanks, I haven’t used Discord in a few years, so finding them was a bit of an adventure, but hopefully they can help.