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How do you script PMV/HMV's?


Been making regular action scripts for a while now and thought of learning how to script a PMV. I’m usually going with default mode when creating action based scripts but for a PMV that’s really difficult.

I have played around with a PMV using alternating mode but i’m not really getting a satisfactory outcome.

Any secrets the PMV masters can share? :slightly_smiling_face:

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In OFS you can toggle between frame view and Tempo, it even has time signatures too.

I usually just use to tap the bpm out or google the song and line up the wave with the start of a bar and work from there :slight_smile:

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From my experience of attempting to script action-based pmv’s, you have to be very selective with the pmv’s you pick. If the transition of scenes is quick it won’t be as great a script section as you would think. If there isn’t enough time for a scene the script can end up feeling like random jitters. Finding pmv’s with transitioning scenes with action is ideal. for example, SecretPMV’s has a fair amount of action throughout that flows well. On the other hand, JBPmv’s although well made has softcore intertwined in the pmv.

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ayo thanks for this info!

Can you kindly elaborate more on the tap for beats tool at i’m quite confused hehe. Should i listen to the song and just tap the a key there when i hear beats? might be a stupid question.

Also i’m not sure what you mean with googling the song and lining up the wave with the start of a bar. :crazy_face:

Do exactly that…listen to the song and play it like you are playing a instrument. Go back and change and edit points and things that happen in the song though. Just 0 to 100 over and over to the beat isn’t a good PMV script, even if it’s to the beat.

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Yeah for sure, sites like let you search a song and get its bpm. As for just use a key on your keyboard and tap along with the song to get close enough, and the alignment is like this:

Adjust the slider under “Tempo” until you get the beats to line up close enough and mess with the measurements too when needed, you’ll get it with enough messing with :slight_smile: :+1:

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Thanks alot for this. Now i have a good idea on what to do :slightly_smiling_face:

With all these motion tracking tools and beat mappers…the editing is going to be longer than just doing it yourself…in my experience.

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