How does Lovense Max 2 translate funscripts? (since it contracts/vibrates, not thrusts)

Hi everyone, I am a kiiroo keon user and am looking into also purchasing a Max 2, but am not sure how the funscripts translate. With the keon, a pure thrusting device, it is obvious, but I was not sure how the seemingly stationary (i might be wrong) contraction points in the Max 2 function to allow for the sensation of movement (ie thrusting). Or is it simply a vibration based funscript output?

Thank you so much for your help!!

You can’t control the air bladder(contractions) with yet, support for that is supposed to be coming when Intiface Central releases but no ETA on that. You can still use the actual bottons manually. It’s more of a “how tight” you want it rather than simulating going in and out IMO.
For the vibrations you just link the thrusting script to the vibrations and you can either make it so that the vibration strengh matchs the thrusting speed, vibration strengh goes up as the thrust goes down or if you mess around with some settings make the vibration strengh go up when passing through the middle of a thrust.

understood, that makes a lotta sense. thank you so much for the detailed response!!

So when buttplug supports the air bladder will scripts be able to affect it?

How does that help? I really don’t like this heavy advertising , especially in the help section.


It’s been awhile since I’ve used mine, but if I recall correctly, it tightens and loosens depending on which portion of your shaft or head the performer is stimulating. And it vibrates in sync with the video as well.

I much prefer the keon.

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You can always use the video player in viro playspace…

Then you only use the video and there site makes the rest…

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