How I Script a PMV

It helps to know a little music theory.

  • A song is a series of notes (duh), but those notes are grouped into measures (or bars)
  • The measures are always the same length (very important!)
  • Measures are split into 2, 4, 8 or 16 beats, and notes start on a beat. But not every beat; that would be boring
  • The pattern of notes in a measure (a phrase) will repeat in subsequent measures
  • There are (usually) at least 2 phrases (let’s call them A and B), many songs have 4 (A, B, C, D), some have more
  • The phrases come in groups and repeat, e.g. AB AB ABCD AB AB ABCD

So the first task is to identify the measures. Listen to the song a few times and hopefully you will feel where each measure starts. There is often an especially prominent bass or drum beat.

  • Create an action at the start of each measure for 20 or so measures
  • Slow down the video and precisely place the first and last action
  • Even out all the actions in between
  • Copy all the actions and paste them repeatedly until the whole song has actions
  • Position the last action precisely and even out all the actions again
  • Iterate the above until you have an accurate sequence of actions starting at each measure

Now you are ready to identify the phrases

  • play the first measure at half speed and determine where the notes are
  • using dynamic injection (Open Funscripter option), split the measure into 2, 4, 8 or 16 (or a mixture) to have a bottom action at every note
  • Notes will fall on a beat; do not nudge the actions manually

Repeat the above for the next measure. When you find a repeated phrase you can copy and paste from the previous occurrence. When you find a repeating sequence of phrases you can copy and paste all the measures.

That’s it! Questions welcome :slight_smile:


That’s a great one :+1:
Would really welcome you to join our PMV effort by making your own compilations Make your own VR compilations using the huge library at SLR Originals or submitting scripts for PMVs

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Thanks for the comment. I’m a hobbyist right now, but I have to say access to SLR’s complete library to make PMVs and knowing they won’t be taken down is tempting. I’ll look into it a bit more over the coming weeks.

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