How is the Kiiroo Keon vs the Fleshlight launch?

I remember I had a Fleshlight Launch that I used for playing scripts, and it was fun occasionally, but it was bulking and awkward, and the bluetooth connection died on me. I was a member on RTS and was getting into scripting, then my Launch died.

This was poorly built. But it was nice despite that.

Is the the Kiiroo Keon different/ better?

If you want the best experience I recommend the Handy or the OSR2.

The Handy, if you want an easy to set up and easy to use device. It is able to play fast scripts and has the second highest stroke length out of the devices (OSR2 beats it). The price is also not too high and the devs are improving the Handy by time from a software / firmware standpoint. They also hosted several multicontrol shows and they will release more sleeves in their store. The Handy is overall the best device to get right now in my opinion.

The OSR2(+) is the most powerful. Best speed, best stroke length and has multi axis support. Only downside is the price and I feel like the device is more something for tinkers currently. It’s also in active development. It’s definitely something I want to get in the (near) future, cause it’s just the best.
Check out his patreon for more information about the OSR2


The Kiiroo Keon is the best thing since sliced bread, I got mine recently after upgrading from The Handy and personally it’s light years ahead.

A lot of people recommend the Handy as its the most commonly used toy for a few years, but I suspect when their devices break/need an upgrade, the Keon will be the new ‘go-to’ as its far superior than anything I’ve used before, (other than the OSR2 which is the best of them all).

There are a few videos on Pornhub of it in use if you want to see it in action.

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How’s the noise level on the Keon?

Pretty quiet, I’ve used it on the max settings (fast and long strokes) and it doesn’t feel like it’s being heard from anywhere apart from the room I’m using it in, which is great as it allows me to relax and not feel like someone could hear me and walk in.

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Its super quiet yes - I actually go full blast without covering it whatsoever, and in the still of the night - pretty amazing how quiet it is :ok_hand:

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Can you use other sleeves with it?

yes any standard fleshlights fit like kiiroo launch did

Thanks everyone for the replies. Can anyone who has/had a Fleshlight Launch tell me how it compares to the Keon? In pleasure, ease of use, build quality, ect.

I’m new here. Just purchased a Keon and am waiting for it to arrive. Just got my scripplayer and all that jazz setup. Never experienced anything interactive so I’m pretty excited. Will be happy to report back when I can

Is the Keon compatible with ScriptPlayer on PC?

same pleasure, strokes faster, seems to struggle with longer slower strokes currently though (like most toys)
build seems good
easy to use like the launch was

yes - step by step guide is here: (SLR interactive method is recommended for ease of use and incoming much smoother playback algorithm)

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How loud is thehandy compared to the Fleshlight Launch?

I am planning to buy Thehandy in the up coming months but I just want to know if someone has both how loud is Thehandy compared to the Fleshlight Launch?

I like my Fleshlight Launch but it can be a bit loud and mess up the immersion while using funscripts and I don’t want Thehandy to do the same by being just as loud.

I heard some people tell me Thehandy is quieter and some people tell me Thehandy is just as loud as the Fleshlight Launch.

Everyone’s ears are different. Some people have worse hearing than others so what might be quite for them is loud for others and vice versa.

If someone has an Apple Watch Series 4 and up or a Decibel meter it would be really useful if you can give the Decibel amount for how loud both devices are at full speed. With decibels it’s will be a direct scientific answer on how loud it is without relying on someone’s hearing which may or may not be as good as your own.

Yes, apparently Handy noise is more improved on newer versions so should be better (I have an early model, so its a bit too loud for night time use for me)
Good thing about Handy is they have a great easy return policy, and that extra stroke length is really nice

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Handy is significantly faster than kirroo and no battery anxiety. Multi-control sounds super cool and there are already some camgirls who will remote control your handy on cam via their interface for a fee!

Speed and stroke length really matter. Imagine stroking yourself but only being able to go up and down a few inches at a slow pace?

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OSR 2 > Handy > Kiiroo Keon > Launch

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as promised, here are my thoughts. I just got this thing and while I think its amazing, I’m bit frustrated with the design. I have used it like 5 times and the rubber seal around the entrance is already falling off. I’m going to have to super glue it back on (yes i’m using the provided sleeve). For $250 i expected more tbh…i’m also unable to register the device because their system isn’t working. I kinda feel like this thing will be broken an 4-6 months

I would reach out to kiiroo supprt - Im sure they can assist with replacement or good support for that - my rubber seal seems more firmly in place than the launchs Ive had and fwiw, mine is going strong still over the 6 months ive had it so far (I’ve also ditched the factory sleeve - Fleshlight sleeves are much better)

Something really unique and great the design Im not sure if you noticed (that I wish most toy companies would follow) is being able to lube yourself and insert yourself in the sleeve and case, then simply lock into the device from below, so no need to ever ‘pull out’

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to clarify- I do love this product and don’t regret my purchase at all. Re-reading my post, I came off a bit more negative than I intended. I would give it a 4 star rating (out of 5). Was just disappointed to see the rubber detaching. Also- my batter life is excellent. Saw a few concerns about that in other reviews.

not to hijack the post but I would be interested to know what fleshlight sleeves you put in yours. I’m looking to add some variety since right now I’m only using the one that came with the Keon. I’d like to up the stimulation a bit more.

Oh no worries - any feedback or experiences are always good to point out

Fleshlight sleeves are still a relevant question in this thread :slight_smile:

These are my top 5 recommended interactive session sleeves (with gun oil h20) :
-Turbo Thrust (blue one - not the copper one) - nice jelly fleshy experience
-Aniston Fit
-Mini Lotus
-Swallow (male or female works - but hard to find since discontinued)

The Keon case seems to really offer an intense suction affect with the cap tight (fleshlight caps work on it too) so tighten to cum easier, loosen or have no cap for longer edging